Carrie Strine

Hello! My name is Lisa Congdon and it is my pleasure to be guest blogging for Jen while Zelda recovers from surgery! I am an artist and illustrator from Oakland, California, and I write a daily blog called Today is Going to be Awesome. It is my pleasure to share with you the stunning quilts of artist Carrie Strine, whose current collection is currently on display at Art in the Age in Philly.

Carrie began her art career as a photographer. While she was completing her MFA and working on a series of photographic installations, she started “a tiny project hand sewing tiny little pieces of fabric into a pair of pillows,” she said in an interview with It’s Nice That. “It started out just for fun—I didn’t even have a sewing machine—then it became really clear that there was a relationship between my quilting and the installations I was making in my studio. I used to think it was just that quilting was just a little hobby that would keep my mind from getting lazy while away from my ‘real’ work, but it’s just not the case these days. Quilting has become central to my practice.”


I am struck by the meticulousness and detail of Carrie’s work — and I have always wondered, how long does one quilt take her to make? And, as you might suspect, she says that it varies. “I always have one project going that is done completely by hand,” which takes much longer. Most of the time, however, she combines machine piecing (that’s sewing together the small pieces of fabric with a machine) and hand quilting. “A bed sized quilt can take somewhere between 6 weeks and 1 year depending on the complexity and my engagement.”

My favorite part of Carrie’s quilts are her use of color and her eye for perfect composition. Medallion, pictured above, is her masterpiece. It took her three years to complete! And, to top it off, not a single inch was worked with a sewing machine!


Carrie calls her quilting meditative. “I will also think for weeks about what my next step will be with a color or fabric while working on a certain part of the quilt. I really enjoy having the space to work slowly.” As a fellow artist who often rushes to finish work on a deadline, and where I see fellow artists doing the same, I love the idea of “slow art”.


Carrie is currently having her first exhibition of her quilts at Art in the Age in Philadelphia. The show, Handwork, opened Friday, February 7th and will be on view until March 31st. Its a collection of her newest works, both large scale bed quilts and smaller wall pieces.

You can read the entire It’s Nice That interview with Carrie here. See more images of her work at and on Carrie’s instagram!


Images courtesy of Carrie Strine.

You Don’t Own Me, Bag Check

Hi there, fancy Honey Kennedy readers! I’m Anna from Door Sixteen. Up until about a year and a half ago, the most traveling I had done in the past decade was going back and forth between my house and work. I thought of myself as being permanently glued to New York, and I never thought about stuff like passports and travel bags. Then I took a trip to London, which broke the traveling ice! Since then, I’ve been to San Francisco, Palm Springs, New Orleans, and most recently, Stockholm.

After being thrust into the world of airports and TSA screenings and bad weight limits and layovers, I’ve learned one big thing: I do not want to check a bag. I want to go carry-on only, and I don’t want to wind up dropping stuff all over the place and having to dig for my boarding pass while I go through airport security. I want to keep it simple, flexible, and no-nonsense! To that end, I’ve put together my ideal collection of travel products, all geared toward being able to stash my bag in the overhead bins.


1. TokyoMilk Dark Handcreme and Lip Elixer
I’m a little bit obsessed with TokyoMilk stuff right now. Yeah, the packaging is a big part of it, but the products themselves are really luxurious. I don’t mess around with a million different mists and moisturizers when I’m flying, but I do like to keep my hands and lips from going all reptilian on me.

2. Madewell Transport Tote
Rather than putting everything into one large bag, I like to bring a roomy tote with me to hold the things that I’ll want at the ready when I’m on the plane. I can stash it under the seat in front of me, while the big bag goes overhead. I make sure the things that need to go into the bin at security (laptop, liquids, etc.) all go into the tote so I don’t have to dig around. This tote also has a zippered pocket inside that’s big enough to hold my passport and boarding pass, and it’s nice enough to use for any occasion once I’m at my destination.

3. Herschel Outfitter Luggage
It’s got a top handle, it’s got a shoulder strap, it’s got grabber handles on the end, and you can wear it as a backpack. Oh, and it comes with a laundry bag and there’s a separate zippered shoe compartment! Sold.

4. Herschel Chapter Dopp Kit
My rule is that EVERYTHING I put on my face or in my hair has to fit in ONE designated bag, or it’s not coming along. That includes my brushes and my toothpaste, too. I make sure to keep the liquids and gels contained in a Ziploc baggie inside of the Dopp kit, though, to make it easier to pull out and toss in the TSA tray.

5. Beanie on Helina Zipper Pouch
I like to have an extra-large pouch inside of my tote for miscellaneous items so they’re not getting tossed all over the place. That’s where I stash all of my chargers, hand wipes, bandages, aspirin, sunglasses, and anything else that’s not going in the Dopp kit. Once I’m at my destination, the pouch becomes a hold-all for the things I need to keep handy while I’m out and about.

6. Universal Travel Adapter
I’ve used both the UK and Europe slots on this adapter and have had no issues at all. It’s a little tricky to figure out how to flip out the different plugs, but I like having everything all in one place. Also, it’s cute.

7. Triple C greenJUICE Power Bank
I can’t sleep on planes. I try to read, but it’s hard to concentrate when you’re super uncomfortable. What do I do instead? I play Dots on my iPhone. Over and over and over and over. Next thing I know, my battery is at 3% and I’m frantically looking under the seat for an outlet (there’s pretty much never an outlet). This power bank holds two FULL charges for an iPhone, which is pretty amazing considering it’s smaller than a deck of cards. Just remember to charge the thing itself up the night before—it takes about 6 hours to reach full capacity.

8. Muji Travel Bottles, various sizes
BOTTLES. Everything goes in a bottle, and these are my favorites. They’re skinner than most travel bottles, which makes it much easier to line them all up vertically in your liquids Ziploc. I’ve never had one leak, either. I use the little jars for stuff like eye cream, sine it’s really not necessary to take an entire tube. Anything to save precious space in the baggie.

Ready? Set…go!

Window Shopping

Hiya! My name is Ilenia Martini, I’m a photographer based in Brooklyn and I write the blog, It Can Be A Lover. I know, not the easiest of names! I am so happy to be a guest on Honey Kennedy–thank you for having me, Jen! For this post I thought I’d do a variation of one of my favorite columns on my blog called window shopping, inspired, in this case, by a girl crush of mine, Mija.


Her personal style is such an inspiration for me, I find her to be always extremely coherent in her choices and no matter how casual or dressy her looks can be, she still manages to have that specific aesthetic. What I particularly love about this outfit is the simplicity. Wearing sneakers is not really my thing, but lately I’ve been loving the more sophisticated adaptations of the classic Vans slip on. I imagine wearing them in a very sporty outfit, therefore something I wouldn’t typically go for. Instead, I think this combination looks feminine, chic and effortless, great for shopping days or a coffee date.

I tried to recreate the outfit with budget friendly items with the intent of making it more affordable and I really hope you enjoyed this guest post. Below you’ll find all the information on where to shop this post. x Ilenia


SHOP: 1. trench: Steven Alan $247 2. jeans: topshop $70  3. tshirt: jcrew $49.50 4. bag: coach $278 5. sneakers: kurt geiger $145

I Heart You Pt. 2!

YAY! While I was away in NY some of my incredible blogger friends filled in for me–this is the 2nd part of a two part feature giving a shout out to these wonderful people (see part one!). Please check them out–the level of thoughtfulness and talent of this bunch is pretty amazing. I feel so lucky to have them in my life online and many of them in real life. THANKS SO MUCH, YOU GUYS!

Siubhan from Simple Village Girl
This post by lovely lady makes me want to revisit a few things that I’ve never quite acquired a taste for, like whiskey. I love reading Siubhan’s blog and seeing the beautiful photographs she takes on her adventures in the U.K.–it definitely gives me big daydreams.
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Kelly from Little Paper Planes
Kelly made a sweet mixtape for your and incorporated her own photographic visuals from trips with her sweetheart for each song. So inspiring! I love visiting Kelly’s wonderful shop full of fantastic art!
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Fallon Elizabeth from A Lovely Being
Oh, this post from Fallon Elizabeth is so adorable! Old movie stars spending quality time with their pups–LOVE IT! Also, this lady has a dazzling personal blog.
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Julie and Matt from Tiger In A Jar
So nice! Julie and Matt take some photos of vintage books they love. Make like the wind and go check out their site NOW. They make the most stunning and inspiring videos. Total magic!
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Kater from All This Happiness
Dear Kater is over the moon about Downton Abbey (hear, hear!), Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and scads of other nerdery. Check out her blog–she has stunning outfit posts and is a lot of fun!
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Erin from Calivintage
This post is so adorable–especially since Erin’s kitty friend felt the need to get in on the act. Vintage love notes! Check out Erin’s blog–she has been posting AMAAAAAZING photographs from New York Fashion Week. SO GOOD.
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Sasha from Astral Boutique
Sasha has a background as an herbalist and wrote up a love potion recipe for you! I hope someone tries it and reports back to us–it sounds delicious, too. This lady has is a wonder–sells amazing vintage, makes dreamy music, makes magic and is a stellar friend.
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Nicolle from Sacred Lotus
Nicolle gathered up a bunch of her current favorite illustrations. She is a fellow Portlander, always posts inspiring imagery AND is a wonderful mom to a very confident young man (such a character!).
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Ana from AM on the Present Tense
So cool! Ana was inspired by the shape of love–THE HEART. She includes gorgeous artwork, songs and movies! Visit Ana’s site to see her incredible artwork–she is a very talented lady. I am confident that I will meet her in person someday!
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Marika from Ay Marieke
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Jessica from The Shiny Squirrel
Jessica shares a little ode to her favorite time of year–winter! Beautiful images. Visit this lady for a waterfall of inspiration every day. And visit her pop-up shops in NY!
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I Heart You #1

While I was away in NY I had so many amazing blogger pals filling in for me. If you missed any–I’m rounding up a nice list for you to refer to in two parts. Here is part one! The theme I gave these wonderful people was, simply, “LOVE”. They each put together such sweet and thoughtful posts–I wish I could hug them all. Make sure to visit their lovely personal blogs and find them on Twitter–these are talented, funny and kind folks! ♡

P.S. Make sure to enter the dreamy Lille Boutique Giveaway today before 8pm PST!

Maggie from Folkloric
Maggie wrote a very romantic and inspiring poem to go along with her always lovely photographs. She’s a NW girl and her blog has an amazing visual serenity.
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Alyson from Unruly Things
Alyson is a fellow Portlander who keeps a wonderful blog, makes pretty jewels and is proud momma to one of the cutest little boys ever. This post is ROMANTIC!!
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Hila from Le Projet d’Amour
Such a dreamy post. Hila has a way with words–her own and excerpts from others matched perfectly with previously unrelated imagery. Her blog inspires me so much.
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Lauren from Dear Golden
Awww… Lauren has an eagle eye for stunning vintage. “Who owned this vintage ____ before me” is always such a fun thing to daydream about and I think Lauren’s vintage collection might hold some of the best stories ever.
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Sarai from Colette Patterns
Sarai is one of my dear friends here in Portland and I always love hearing her wonderful travel stories and seeing her photographs. I am so eager to go to Vienna and I didn’t even know she’d been!
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Alison from TeenAngster
Alison is one of my online pals that I finally got to meet in person while I was in NY. She’s so cool! This post really knocked my socks off and I will forever think of her as a snake priestess. Her blog always makes me super happy.
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Anja from Clever Nettle
This post from Anja even includes a romantic download! So lovely and haunting. What’s more romantic than reading a stack of vintage love letters?? In addition to blogging and selling vintage–Anja has been making rad clothing and accessories.
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Diana from Miss Moss
Diana is a lovely lady living in South Africa and her blog is a constant visual feast. Her Honey Kennedy guest post this time is such a sweet roundup of dreamy Valentine’s Day stationery.
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Kate from Wit & Delight
Kate keeps a very inspiring blog–I love her clean design aesthetic. I wish I would have known this lady when I lived in Minneapolis/St. Paul! This post is a nice reminder to treat yourself like you would treat a loved one.
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Caroline from Greedy Girl
YAY! Caroline is a fantastic blogger AND fellow dog lover–I recommend finding her on Instagram (greedy_girl) for regular pug love. I really want to try the hair shadow she mentions in her guest post!
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Erin from Design for Mankind
I haven’t had the chance to meet this dynamo in person, but I sure enjoy chatting with her online! Erin keeps a wonderful blog and has been documenting her home renovations on HGTV. Such a busy lady! This heart-shaped post is adorable.
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Elise from Pennyweight
Elise is a talented freelance stylist and vintage seller living in Nashville, Tennessee. This post has so many dreamy lingerie and lounge pieces! Love it.
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