Well, this was another week was full of triggers and things that make you want to scream. I again want to send out love to everyone else out there feeling the weight of patriarchy trying to crush our spirits. Don’t stop the fight, don’t stop resisting, but DO take care of your mind and body and spirit. Take a break. Take a walk. Find a way to help empower and back the issues you find most important without putting yourself constantly in the maelstrom of hate. I need to take my own advice here, too. It’s hard when every impulse in your body is in fight or flight. It isn’t sustainable. Take the time to enjoy the moments and the season and your loved ones or you will run out of steam. I love you. You are valued. You are important. You are smart. You are strong. You are powerful. Take care of your wonderful self. xx Jen


♥ Today I stand with Rose McGowan and other women and I am staying off Twitter.

♥ Take a moment to sign this petition to start dismantling Hollywood’s misogyny.

♥ I got these awesome Black History Flashcards — things they didn’t teach us in school.

♥ The Somna aromatherapy roll-on is so nice if you’re having trouble sleeping.

♥ And the Aurora roll-on is good when you need to perk up.

♥ This lovely face cream is an investment in dry sensitive skin, but it feels amazing.

♥ I’m so happy with this magical eye cream — the best I’ve ever used.

♥ This cotton dress for fall with tights and booties or high boots would be super cute.

♥ I might get this velvet dress, but would give it a straight hem. (40% off: HAPPY)

♥ I bought this boxy velvet top in both colors and I LOVE it. (40% off: HAPPY)

♥ Love this new easy fit batwing top that Rebecca designed.

♥ So cute! I’m feeling this batik grid print gaucho jumpsuit.

♥ I bought this velvet swing jacket in black and it’s really cute. (40% off: HAPPY)

♥ This tailored velvet jacket is a good closet staple to make an outfit more put together.

♥ I drank this season’s velvet kool-aid and I love this velvet bomber jacket.

♥ This cropped jacket is so cute. It reminds me of a perfect vintage one I had years ago.

♥ I love this boiled wool wrap coat in black and in moss.

♥ This swingy Italian wool coat looks super cozy for the chilly days ahead.

♥ So many pretty handmade bridle leather belts for such a good price! (20% off: FF20)

♥ I love these classic pjs in both navy and pink!

♥ If it has to be socks season, they should be cute socks like these.

♥ I’m becoming a little obsessed with the stunning Fragment Cuff Bracelet.

♥ This nudie lapel pin is so nice. (13% off: THIRTEEN)

♥ SO GOOD. Love these perfect hoop earrings.

♥ All these dreamy Turkish kilim pillows, please! (20% off: FFSALE17)

♥ I love the full moon vibes of this glowing globe table lamp.

♥ My friend Emily just released her Snow & Rose book! It’s so sweet and beautiful.

♥ I’m so in love with Kelsey’s clever and gorgeous What We See in the Stars book.

♥ I think we might all need a confetti cannon every day right now.


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PHOTOS: Audrey Hepburn on the set while filming Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Betsy & Iya: Canto Collection

The lovelies at Betsy & Iya just launched the stunning new Canto Collection of jewelry for fall! I’m really feeling designer Betsy Cross’ hoops and her other big earrings this season. My favorites are the Bombona Hoop Earrings (the large ones, too!), the Ocaso Hoop Earrings, the Neva Earrings, the Caderas Earrings, the Canto Cuff Bracelet and the Salta Necklace. Portland locals and visitors — you can find these new beauties at the awesome Betsy & Iya brick and mortar shop located at 2403 NW Thurman St.! More HERE.

honey-kennedy-betsy-and-iya-jewelry-bombona-hoop-earrings-small-brass -01











Lovely Things #10

Hey hey. Here we go with a new LOVELY THINGS roundup of nice things that have caught my eye lately. I’m coming up short with a common thread besides compatible hues and nesting. Mostly I think this is my last soft tones hurrah before sinking into the dark, moody autumn that will be filling me up until we get into late January and February when all thoughts will turn to the deep yearning for brightness and silky spring petals. Find more LOVELY THINGS.

This iridescent coffee table brings a lot of magic to a room.

Love this amazing eye makeup by Yuui and photo by Tiffany Dawn Nicholson for DNA.
honey-kennedy-lovely-things-10-02-tiffany-nicholson tdn-photo-beauty-for-dna-magazine

Ummm… yes. The blue version of those now iconic earrings are stunning as well.

These oatmeal wool pants look pretty cozy for the cold days coming soon.

Oooof. I would love this silk carpet ottoman for a big room remodel we’re planning.

Everything Eric Roinestad creates undoubtedly makes me weak in the knees.

I’m loving these beautiful moon tumblers.

Give me these smoky florals in these handmade marbled tumblers!

These pretty peach and gold teacups are so dreamy.

Still loving this ivory cotton silk knit dress. Love the midnight version, too!

This arch chair and arch pendant are absolutely stunning.

Love the leather baskets, the jute herringbone doormat, and the cute rain boots!

I want to wear Ilana’s work coveralls to do all my gardening and work in the garage!

This reversible sweater coat is a beautiful design — would love to see it in more colors, too!

I’ve got my eye on these granite-colored boots for rainy days around town and in the forest.

These low-top leather Converse sneakers in Sand Dollar are real cute. Copper eyelets!

…and the leather Chuck Taylors in Desert Sand are super cute as well.

I love this breezy linen road trip print batwing top.

Instant City by José Miguel de Prada Poole, 1971. More info HERE.

Tuesday Catching Up…


Good Morning, friends. I hope you had a good weekend and start to your week. I know it’s tough right now to keep our heads up — I’m feeling it big time. It’s hard to get my posts about design and beauty and other musings rolling when all I can think about is gun control, the people of Puerto Rico (Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz is an American hero), racism, and the blatant greed and abuses of power going on in our government.

I love what I do, but I’m here with you feeling all the anger and sadness. I just wanted to send out some love to everyone out there because writing about dresses can feel tone deaf. I do feel strongly about supporting small businesses, local events, and primarily women-owned businesses — especially in this climate of corporate greed being allowed to run rampant and given so many perks, publicity, and the financial ability to promote themselves across all the corporate social media platforms so many of us are tied to.

I’m going to be here doing what I do, talking about talented creatives and beautiful shops, celebrating design, celebrating women, and calling attention to the things that catch my eye. I just want you to know that it isn’t without the constant waves of consternation we’re all feeling right now — it can be emotionally paralyzing and it’s definitely infuriating to deal with so many nonsensical actions from people who are supposed to be leaders. Lots of love to you. xoxo Jen


GIVEAWAY: Let’s swim in the swirls of moonstones and opals! ENTER HERE.

♥ There are dark waves, brass talons, starry nights, lingerie, and cookies — HERE.

♥ Come see Elizabeth’s wonderful new knits collection in silk, linen and cotton!

♥ Oh, such a romantic collection for fall — love the balloon sleeves.

♥ Sweet deco glamour modernized in a truly clever way. I want everything, please.

♥ This lady takes great care with details in all of her phenomenal jewelry pieces.

♥ I’m really feeling these canvas and leather bags in sea glass, sage, and marigold hues.

♥ A great vintage shop with tons of special housewares to pepper throughout your nest.

♥ A whole lotta loveliness in my LOVELY THINGS #9 roundup post.

♥ I’d love to see a sea of cute berets this fall and winter!

♥ I rounded up a bunch of my fave beautiful and affordable shoes by Kelsi.

♥ Let’s set sail in this Mutiny Collection! Love the stripes and sweet cutouts.

ALL THESE SHOES in metallics, velvets, and rich suedes. So good. (25% OFF: FF2017)

♥ It seems like this little shop always has a perfect edited selection of clothes and bags.

♥ Every garment from this lady is a stunner — love the dresses, jumpsuits, pants, overalls.

♥ This is a treasure trove of great handmade shoes from sandals to booties.

♥ Just pure mirror magic from these lovely humans.

♥ Check out all the goodness in my LOVELY THINGS #8 roundup post.


I created a LINEN LOVE category for those of you out there who are as addicted as I am to this cloth that keeps on giving and makes my body feel good to drape with or land on. Here are some highlights, but you can quickly find more linen designs right HERE.

♥ The sheer number of linen dresses and tops I want from this impeccable shop is cuckoo.

♥ I’ll definitely be nabbing a few linen jackets and tops from this amazing shop!

♥ Major linen closet staples in perfect hues and shapes.

♥ I’m cuckoo for the linen pieces this lady is making.

♥ Super sweet linen designs with charming little embroidery details.

♥ I love how versatile these linen garments are and the lovely layers.

♥ This fellow make fantastic unisex garments, totes, and hats in great prints.


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PHOTOS: Beautiful autumn pieces by lovely Sézane. My faves are the Faux Fur Lio Jacket, the long grey Jim Coat, the Romane Sweater, and the Leopold Sweater.

PDX Event: Sundaze Collective


SUNDAZE COLLECTIVE • Sun, OCT 1 • 11AM to 5PM • 403 SW 10th Ave • INSTAGRAM

YES! Fall fun! It’s baaaaack — the Sundaze Collective market is happening this Sunday at The Cleaners at Ace Hotel! There are 15 wonderful local designers, shops, and artists bringing their goods for you to peruse. This is such a great way to support lots of local folks and find things to squirrel away home to feather your nest or reinvigorate your wardrobe. Plus, MATCHA. The really, really good matcha that you can make at home and you can even find beautiful ceramics to sip it from. Come shop ace clothing, bags, leather goods, accessories, jewels, apothecary, ceramics, art, textiles, home goods, surf, stuff for the kiddos, great vintage, and a lots more goodies. ♥



Each month brings a rotating selection of incredibly talented local merchants to fill The Cleaners space — thanks to some stellar coordinating by lovely Sarah Radcliffe from The Yo! Store! If you don’t live in Portland, make it part of your travel plans and meet some of our finest locals. MORE INFO.

THE YO! STORE: Sarah’s amazing Portland shop offers gorgeous jewels, bags, stellar home goods, wonderful apothecary goods, the cutest stuff for babies and kids, and ace vintage clothing pieces that work beautifully when paired with modern designs or layered with more standout vintage. Location: 935 NW 19TH AVE. MORE THE YO! STORE.

ORU JEWELRY: Agnieszka Zoltowski makes amazing jewelry with clever metal forms and tiny special beads woven by hand into them. She was born and raised in the Pacific NW and her color palettes are continually inspired by our environment here. MORE ORU.

OKO: Lisa’s lovely little shop specializes in vintage and antique jewelry, rare and one-of-a-kind found objects from Eastern Europe and elsewhere, as well as select ceramics, books and homewares. MORE OKO.

SANDBOX CERAMICS: Petra Wellborn Kaiser is an artist and Oregon native. She creates lovely modern ceramics in her home studio while surrounded by the inspiring sculptural works left behind by her granny. MORE SANDBOX CERAMICS.

MIZUBA TEA COMPANY: Mizuba makes organic, farm-direct, single-ingredient, single-origin pure Uji matcha green tea. They are JAS-certified, non-gmo, radiation-free, preservative-free — just pure matcha tea. MORE MIZUBA TEA COMPANY.


MINNIE + GEORGE: Designer L.A. Caldwell makes gorgeous, handcrafted bags from her Portland studio. She uses hand-stitching to make sure their beauty is matched with strength. MORE MINNIE + GEORGE.

THE PURSUITS OF HAPPINESS: For their dreamy ceramic designs, April and Pavel draw inspiration from the oddities of nature, midcentury design, and childhood memories. With the intention of bringing more art into every day routines, they create pieces that are vibrant, playful, and unexpected. MORE THE PURSUITS OF HAPPINESS.

COSUBE: (koh-sue-bee) The apparel and accessories Cosube carries at their local Portland shop has been carefully curated for the urban, NW lifestyle. You can rent boards, wetsuits and gear online, or on your phone. You can pick up wax, blankets, firewood, wetsuits, gloves, booties, and more gear on your way out to the coast! Plus, they open early and have coffee and beer! MORE COSUBE.

WOLF’S APOTHECARY: Jewelie makes pure plant fragrances, body oils, beard oil, hair oil, room sprays, candles, and soaps. MORE WOLF’S APOTHECARY.


RED LUCK: Isa sells a fun, cheerfully curated vintage shop with great clothing, shoes, and accessories. MORE RED LUCK.

SARA BERGMAN: Sara is an independent Portland fashion designer. She believes in looking sharp and feeling comfortable and that fashion should be a way to celebrate our everyday lives, and bodies of every shape and size. MORE SARA BERGMAN.

POURING OUT: With the sale of each essential oil product, Vanessa and Casey give a portion of the proceeds to a variety of Christian non-profits that help marginalized and suffering people around the world. MORE POURING OUT.


THERESA NEEF: Theresa makes useful and versatile goods for home and wear with an objective of helping people replace their single-use bags with lovely cloth designs. MORE THERESA NEEF.

ARTJADEN: Abigail Renola Tjaden is an artist and teacher who illustrates her everyday experiences. She shows her works locally and sells a wide variety of apparel and prints. MORE ART JADEN.

DEJA SPARKS: As a Portland native, Deja gains inspiration from the local art and music scene. Her jewelry designs are cut, forged, stamped and finished by hand with detail and care. MORE DEJA SPARKS.


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If you want to get in on the fun or know someone who should, just contact Sarah Radcliffe {} to submit the relevant details about your designs or your little shop that you’d like to showcase at an upcoming Sundaze Collective event.