Shop Visit: Work/Shop



Putting down stakes in NW Portland recently, Work/Shop is a botanical gift shop and collective workspace that is by all accounts already off to a very promising start. It’s no surprise either since it’s Casey Shagena, owner of SE Division’s sweet Menagerie, and Heather Smith, the maker behind Aspen Summit, that have teamed up to make Work/Shop happen. With barely a month elapsing between signing a lease to opening their NW 19th doors, Casey and Heather have proven themselves pros when it comes to opening shops bursting with charm.




The first thing I noticed upon entering Work/Shop — besides all the gorgeous plants — is the hand-drawn wallpaper. Highlighting the workshop area, the large-scale floral design is impressive enough, but then you learn it was done with Sharpies! I would have never guessed. A large, inviting table and a perfect mix-and-match selection of chairs wait below for workshop attendees. Work/Shop is currently offering wonderful classes like candle making, floral arranging, an intro to photoshop, brush lettering, and lots more. They also offer gift certificates good for upcoming workshops and I can’t think of a better gift for craft-loving friends and family.





The rest of the shop is equally delightful in it’s extensive selection of plants, home goods, stationery, apothecary items, jewelry, and accessories. Expertly curated, I have to admit I was coveting just about everything in stock. Some standouts included French Girl skincare, handprinted canvas bags and pouches by Portland’s Dash and Dart, delightful nail polishes from local vegan and five-free line Palate Polish, wall hangings from Wildwood + Firth, fun notebooks from Worthwhile Paper Goods, and did I mention all those plants? From air plants to succulents and many varieties in between, Work/Shop has all the greenery you need to make your space more cheery or to make someone’s day.



Work/Shop is located in Portland at 1024 NW 19th Avenue and is open Monday through Friday from 11AM to 6PM and on weekends from 10AM to 3PM. Follow @workshop.pdx on Instagram to see cute new goods and hear about new classes. Sign up for classes HERE.




Shop Visit is a Honey Kennedy series about shops and studios found in Portland and beyond. This post is by Honey Kennedy contributor Allison Burt-Tilden. Stop by her lovely blog Votre Grande Soeur

My 2016 Intentions


Happy New Year, friends! It’s nice to be back! I decided to take an unplanned week off last week because I was, frankly, still exhausted after the holidays. I guess that this self-care action is kind of setting my intention for the new year in a way. Recognizing what I need emotionally and physically and grasping for it. Also, recognizing things about myself that I need to make room for and plan for and honor instead of scrambling in a haphazard way and feeling guilty or unsettled when I need to retreat, rethink or find solace. For me, 2016 is going to be about honoring my true nature and trying to feel more at ease with what I truly need vs the amount of pressure that I’m prone to putting on myself.

I love the feeling of the limitless possibilities of a brand new year and ruminating on how much better or more magical or groundbreaking things might be in the 12 months that follow. However, this year, I don’t want to put those kinds of expectations on myself or others around me. There are rarely huge leaps and, when there are, they usually involve some hard things, some things that have to break in the process. Needing time to feel and heal from the things that break to move us forward usually aren’t factored into our starry-eyed big hopes for the new year and it really needs to be to feel balanced and that we didn’t “fail” at our goals for the year. If we try to map out what we want to achieve personally and professionally in the new year, we need to schedule in the time to break and rebuild things and to be human.

So, for me, 2016 is about mental and physical health and celebrating the tiny personal triumphs that come from that instead of setting up too many big goals. Maybe I’ll tackle some bigger goals and maybe I won’t, but making room to enjoy the little things and the great people in my life is going to come first.


Make more time to do things that make me happy. This is something I made efforts towards and was also included in My 2015 Intentions and it helped a lot. I just need to do even more of it! Hanging out with loved ones, snuggle time with my pup, thrifting, antiquing, photography, long walks, learning, watching movies, reading, gardening, cooking, baking, sleeping, exploring…

Mental heath. In 2015, I found a wonderful psychologist who follows the ACT method. It’s shocking how many things change around you when you start getting clarity. It’s intense, but worth it. I had a really difficult childhood and rough teen years and I started taking care of myself at far too young an age with no family support — financial or otherwise. There are lots of painful memories and realizations surfacing as I try to do this work and, let’s be honest, there’s anger in there too. I just need to continue. I’m currently working on learning to feel proud of myself and my accomplishments — it sounds strange to type that out, but some of you out there might relate and understand.

Spend more time on personal care. I did a fairly good job in the first part of 2015, but I need to get more into the ritual of this. I just brought out my humidifier because winter is so drying and it gives me a more restful sleep. I got one for our office and TV room as well so the plants and I will be happier during the day. I’ve been getting fairly regular manicures — that feels good. I bought some nice new balance balls for stretching and core-building breaks. I just need to be more consistent! What are you doing for self-care lately?

Think more about adoption. This is also rolling over from 2015. It’s still a difficult thing for me. I thought I was ready last year, but I wasn’t. My heart wasn’t really done breaking, I guess. Maybe it never really will be? The financial and unstable aspects of adoption are daunting. The reality is that it’s a big business, it’s competitive and you have to be ready for mountains of bills and, likely, many heart-wrenching disappointments before you get to be a parent. It can take years and you need a lot of money and a thick skin. After trying to have a baby for years, you’ve been through emotional (and probably financial) hell and, for me, my skin wasn’t thick enough yet for adoption in 2015. I’d still appreciate any advice.

Talk about more personal stuff. I meant to do this more last year, but the amount of changes in my emotional life left me feeling so tangled and vulnerable that I couldn’t find a jumping off point to reach out and relate and talk about what I was learning. Of course, I feel guilty for not following through on this very well last year — I was looking forward to it at the time I wrote it. I really hope I can organize my words and accomplish this this year because I have a lot to talk about and if I could help someone feel less alone or give someone a new perspective for what their own friend or family member might be going through — I would really love to help.

Be more social. I’ve gone from an ENFP to an INFP over the last couple of years and I’ve swayed the pendulum too far to one side and need to engage more. Portland is full of amazing people and I’ve become too shy, involved in very personal projects and now I feel like I need to make more of an effort to connect with others a little more.

Take some classes and workshops. This year, I’d really like to take some ceramics classes and some more workshops involving textiles. I have these ideas for little things I’d like to make for our home and I hope that they turn out! I wouldn’t mind brushing up on my French or learn a new language either.

Plan vacations. We did a crappy job of taking breaks and having getaways in 2015 and I felt and still feel the folly of that for sure. I would love to go ride bikes in the English countryside or have cider by the sea in Brittany — one of these things has to happen this year! Also, trips to Minnesota, Seattle, New York and many more visits to the beautiful Oregon coast.

Decorate and renovate. I’ve been slowly making progress to get our house together. It’s hard not to feel a bit down when you regularly see stunning $50,000+ kitchen remodels in your instagram feed. I want Carrara countertops and a $20,000 French stove too, but that’s not happening right now. My goal was to not spend money on things that aren’t THE thing that I ultimately want, but that has proven to be unrealistic as well. Something needs to be in place while we save for bigger projects or fancier finishes, so over the break I revised my plan to include, you know, actually living comfortably in our space while we save for the other stuff. Furniture from Craigslist and Ikea is being lugged home and I’ve even found a few of those “perfect pieces” along the way. Our yard sale pile is getting bigger as well, so that money can go towards the bigger projects… or to riding bikes in the Cotswolds.

Remember to be realistic. Like the $50,000+ kitchen renovations I mentioned above, we see a lot of beautiful and often unattainable wealth in our instagram feed. I love beautiful things, I love celebrating design, I love traveling, I love adding these things into my own life where possible and I feel privileged to do so when I can. We are incredibly lucky to own a home and to have the things we’ve scrimped for and purchased over the years to fill it. There are some things that you cannot change though and, for me, I need to keep them in mind so I’m not needlessly hard on myself. Many of the people who live lives that look glamorous and carefree, on instagram or elsewhere, were born into wealth and the privilege that comes with that. They started with major life advantages — education opportunities, job opportunities, travel experiences, leisure and more. Not having to struggle without a safety net for just the basic necessities (rent, food, warmth), starts these people at an advantage that most of us will never know and comparing ourselves to what can be achieved with this kind of leg up in life is futile. For some reason, even when they are often ever so boring, the financial top 2% get the lion’s share of adoration and even more privilege because of it. Create what you can to make your life beautiful in your own way and take the glamour you see on social media with a big grain of salt for your own sanity.


PHOTOS: Anna Pavlova with her pet swan Jack.

Gift Ideas: Wonderful Books

Great books are always an amazing gift in my book (oh, hey!), so I put together a list of 25 books that I think are wonderful as gift for friends and loved ones or gifts for yourself to luxuriate with over the holidays. Some of these books I own and some I’ve been dreaming about owning. I seem to have a predilection for books on rebels of the society sets, eccentric ladies and gents, geniuses, art aficionados, glamorous people, fun DIYs, dreamy food, unending gardens, stunning estates, and damn good parties. The book list never seems to get shorter no matter how much you chip away at it, right? Happy Holidays! ♥ P.S. You can click on images to go to more book info for each of my picks.

1. Cat Lady Chic
This caught my eye because, well, I have 800 million cat ladies and lads as friends.

2. Choupette: The Private Life of a High-Flying Fashion Cat
A lifestyle guide from Karl Lagerfeld’s cat. She has a private jet and her food bowls cost as much as your car. Enough said. Again, I have 800 kajillion cat people in my life.

3. Diana Vreeland: The Modern Woman: The Bazaar Years, 1936-1962
A collection of work from this amazing woman. Reviews aren’t as great as they are for this or this, but I’d personally enjoy paging through her old Harper’s Bazaar spreads.

4. Elegance in an Age of Crisis: Fashions of the 1930s
I really want this book! It sounds like a beautiful look at new ways in draping and looking at textiles from probably my favorite era for fashion.

5. A Denim Story: Inspirations from Bellbottoms to Boyfriends
A little walk down denim memory lane.

6. The Biba Years: 1963-1975
I own this beautiful book. The store, the label, the cult-like appeal — it all still feels relevant today. Provocative and daring, like a lot of my fave 1930s moments, but 30+ years later.

7. Zelda: A Biography
If you want to start to scratch at the surface of this interesting lady. It’s hard to get close to really know her and what would be said if she lived during a time when women weren’t as regularly pigeonholed, dismissed or misdiagnosed, but this book lays out facts well.

8. Peggy Guggenheim: Confessions of an Art Addict
An art patron’s romp through years of recognizing genius, buying works for a song and sometimes rolling between the sheets with the geniuses and being witness to all the action.

9. Bals: Legendary Costume Balls of the Twentieth Century
…”the nine most exceptional private costume parties of the twentieth century, in the most beautiful book ever”… Yes, sign me up.

10. Party of the Century: The Fabulous Story of Truman Capote & His Black & White Ball
Yep, in my mind, I go back in time and get an invitation. Everyone was too cool and not cool enough to be there all at the same time. Boy, did Mr. Capote toy with a person’s self-esteem.

11. Elsie de Wolfe’s Paris
More lavish parties I want to time travel to attend. BRB — going to hang with Elsie, Cecil, Wallis and Coco. OK, maybe I have a thing for eccentric socialites of yore who have their finger on the pulse of good art and design.

12. Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl: A Memoir
My friend, Carrie, wrote a book and it’s really, really good.

13. Halston: Inventing American Fashion
A book written by Halston’s niece from an insider’s perspective and a real love for the designer. Lots of great photographs as well.

14. London: Portrait of a City
A history of London told through an amazing photo archive, quotations, essays, and references from movies, books, and more. So fun!

15. Champagne Supernovas: Kate Moss, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, and the ’90s Renegades Who Remade Fashion
Too bawdy to not want to read, obviously.

16. The Mad Boy, Lord Berners, My Grandmother and Me: An Aristocratic Family, a High-Society Scandal and an Extraordinary Legacy
More high society scandal and rebellious antics. Yep, 1930s. I can’t help it!

17. Grace: Thirty Years of Fashion at Vogue
More than 400 pages of Grace Coddington’s greatest work. This edition comes with an illustrated and autographed letter from this amazing woman. She’s such a fashion hero. Also, why are there no books about her cats?

18. The English Country House: From the Archives of Country Life
YES, I own this big, gorgeous book. YES, I am suddenly 80 years old. YES, I just got it for myself for Christmas and YES, I cannot wait to crack it open with a glass of champagne, a slice of yule log and some My Bloody Valentine on the record player on Christmas Day. NO, I had no idea I’d become so obsessed with English gardens and estates. Sigh.

19. Secret Gardens of the Cotswolds: A Personal Tour of 20 Private Gardens
I know, I know. I have a strange addiction and I cannot get enough of studying English gardens. There’s no cure. Maybe there are others out there with similar afflictions??

20. Slim Aarons: La Dolce Vita
OK. I’m into Italian gardens and estates as well. Some people like reality TV stars or socialites of today, but I like celebs, homes and lavish gatherings of days gone by. This book has insanely beautiful photographs.

21. Near & Far: Recipes Inspired by Home and Travel
If you’re looking for a beautiful, well-written and delicious cookbook — this is it! So many interesting flavors and simple recipes! I hope to spend some quality time over the holidays with this beauty. I want to make one of Heidi’s dreamy cakes and some savory dishes too.

22. My New Roots: Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season
I’ve made some of the yummy recipes from Sarah Britton’s blog and I’m excited to buy this book to get back to eating a more healthy menu after the holidays.

23. Stamp Stencil Paint: Making Extraordinary Patterned Projects by Hand
I have this lovely book and I’m really looking forward to trying some of Anna’s fantastic tutorials! This is a good one for a wide range of age groups. Attempting to make some of the printed textiles that live in my mind will be a dream to play with after the holidays.

24. Seamwork Annual 2015 from Seamwork Magazine
An inspiring collection of articles, sewing patterns, hacks, tutorials, recipes & more from the team at Colette patterns.

25. The Art of Hair: The Ultimate DIY Guide to Braids, Buns, Curls, and More
I have this WONDERFUL book and I’m definitely going to try one (or 2 if the first doesn’t look great on me) of Rubi’s hairstyle tutorials for New Year’s Eve. This is another super book for a wide range of ages — I’d say 12 to 150 at least!

P.S. Make sure to hurry and enter my Art of Hair Giveaway!

Holiday at Red Sail


There are so many good gift options at Red Sail right now and, like most shops, their shipping deadline for Christmas is coming up, so I thought I’d do a roundup of some of my current picks. Portland locals and visitors are lucky enough to be able to pop in to Red Sail with time to spare, so go visit Stacy and the Red Sail crew at 1723 NE Alberta St! More HERE.

Get 15% off everything at Red Sail with code: HONEY15 now thru 12/17. (Last day for U.S. shipping for Christmas!)

MY RED SAIL PICKS: 1. paris map letterpress print 2. juniper alberta table lamp 3. bronze double bar earrings 4. smile now cry later earrings 5. presence cuff bracelet 6. bronze nama hoop earrings 7. gem coasters 8. large dove grey mug 9. parallels clutch 10. herringbone board 11. couleur tea set 12. basic black leather tote 13. fabi vegan backpack 14. fox newborn keepsake set



Hello! Happy Monday! The weeks are just zipping by and the clock is counting down to Christmas. I have quite a bit of shopping left to do before my plan kicks in to luxuriate on the sofa with some yummy Bûche de Nöel and Champagne with records spinning and books open. I imagine most of us do, so here are some links below: holiday hair ideas, hot chocolate and cake recipes, and sweet shopping codes. I’ve also included some of the last of the Portland events besides likely last minute shop sales. Have a wonderful week! ♥ Jen


⟁ YES! Make sure to enter my $300 Seven Sisters giveaway for lovely clothing & more.

⟁ My VERY GOOD HAIR Giveaway. Stunning handmade hair adornments + promo codes.

⟁ YUM. My big roundup of good hot chocolate recipes.

⟁ CAKE FOR DAYS. I pulled together a bunch of dreamy cake recipes.

⟁ This Winter Shandy Punch recipe sounds SO GOOD.

⟁ Need party hairstyle ideas? Check out my roundup of pretty hairdos.

⟁ Also, buy this book for wonderful hair tutorials. (28% off)

⟁ A festive little metallic clutch for holiday parties. (10% off code: 2015CHEER)

⟁ So many wonderful things! My Woonwinkel picks for the holidays. (15% off: HK15OFF!)

⟁ I love these moon wall pockets for your plants! (25% off code: knowyoursource)

⟁ A very simple and cute casual dress for the holidays. (free shipping for orders $150+)

⟁ A new collection sneak peek full of beautiful pieces. (20% off code COLENIMOJEN)

⟁ Portland friends — here are a bunch of fun local events worth leaving the house for!

⟁ Yes, WHISKEY WILL DO and for him, too. (free shipping for orders $150+)

⟁ We stopped by lovely little West End Select Shop visit and found amazing things!

⟁ I love this shop lookbook full of beautiful designs from truly great Brits.

⟁ This marble coffee table looks perfect.


❆ Get 25% off your orders at Bashful Garter with code BASHFULXMAS thru 12/16.

❆ Get 15% off purchases from Wild Poppy Goods with code: lastsale thru 12/16.

❆ Get 15% off everything at Red Sail with code: HONEY15 now thru 12/17.

❆ Get 10% off everything at Gift Shop Brooklyn with code: 2015CHEER thru 12/18.

❆ Get 25% off + FREE SHIPPING on orders $100+ at Zady with code: knowyoursource

❆ Get free worldwide shipping at Seaworthy with code SHIPFREE thru 12/19.

❆ Get free shipping at Tiro Tiro with code SENDMEFREE thru 12/19.

❆ Get 15% off at Seven Sisters with promo code HONEYMAGIC15 now through 12/19.

❆ Get 20% off everything at Christina Nicole with code: HONEYHOLIDAY now thru 12/20.

❆ Get 20% off everything at Colenimo with code COLENIMOJEN now thru 12/24.

❆ Get 15% off everything at Woonwinkel with code HK15OFF! now thru 12/24.

❆ Get free U.S. shipping at Pine & Boon with code SHOPSMALL on 1/1/16.

❆ Get free U.S. shipping at Imelda’s for orders over $50.

❆ Get free U.S. shipping on Alima Pure Cosmetics purchases of $35+ — no code needed.


Tuesday, December 15. 5PM to 9PM. Come by Brookes Boswell’s studio to shop the Holiday Open House with Brookes, Sara Barner, REIFhaus, Martina Thornholl and Object. Nab some beautiful hats (for cold days or warm getaways), handbags and other leather goods, clothing and ceramics. PLUS, there will be punch, wine, beer, treats and cute dogs dressed in costumes. Brookes Boswell’s studio is at 3115 NE Sandy Blvd. Suite #230 (upstairs and left). MORE INFO.

Thursday, December 17. 6PM to 8PM. Come to the Frances May Holiday Pop-Up for an evening of holiday punch, gifts and cheer. Meet the designers and shop select clothing from Howard, jewelry from Faris and objects from Haley Ann Robinson. Plus, you can take 10% off Frances May stock during event hours. Frances May is located at 1013 SW Washington St. MORE INFO.

Thursday, December 17. 10AM to 7PM. Stop by the Zelda’s Shoe Bar Holiday Open House for a jewelry trunk show and sip some wine while you shop. Zelda’s Shoe Bar is located at 717 SW Alder St. MORE INFO.

Friday, December 18. 5PM to 8PM. Come by Amelia for their Holiday Party! 20% off the whole shop (party dresses + silky shrugs!), treats, drinks and really good company. Amelia is located at 2230 NE Alberta St. MORE INFO.

Sunday, December 20. 12PM to 7PM. Pop in to the decadent Jane’s Vanity Holiday Soirée at The Cleaners at Ace Hotel. Lots of beautiful lingerie and more for both women and men. Models will showcase Jane’s Vanity looks throughout the day and help shoppers find their perfect pieces. The new holiday lookbook by George Berbers will be projected, there will be a live a cappella performance, a DJ, Spellbound Flowers for bouquets, a floral photobooth & more. The Cleaners is located at 403 SW 10th Ave. MORE INFO.


ABOVE PHOTOGRAPHS: 1. Mary Martin decorating a Christmas tree. 2. Joan Crawford checking out the wreath.