Chris Earl: The Framework Collection

So, I’ve just been sitting here for days staring at The Framework Collection made by Los Angeles-based furniture designer Chris Earl. THAT BED. THAT BAR CART. THE LITTLE X TABLES. Walnut, brass, tempered glass — I love every single piece. To top it off, I am officially obsessed with a Tic-Tac-Toe Set. And let’s not forget Mr. Earl’s stunning Danish Candlesticks, Business Card Holders and ceramics collection. It’s all so beautiful. I want so many of his designs for our new home that other housewares just pale in comparison. More HERE.







“Furniture is more than a mere object in a room. The items that we fill our dwellings with uniquely speak to who we are, what we cherish, and the legacy we leave. Furniture should be functional, graceful and timeless, for it has the power to create a lasting and meaningful impression. Not only does it fill our living spaces, it fills purpose. It hosts conversation and laughter; creating new relationships and strengthening the ones we have. It bears the weight of deep thought and is a marker of our heritage. It moves stories from one generation to the next. Together, let’s build what lasts.” — Chris Earl











Images courtesy of Chris Earl.

Shop Visit: Oblation Papers & Press


Located in Portland’s vibrant Pearl District, Oblation Papers & Press is a gem of a shop — a veritable wonderland for those who appreciate paper goods. Starting out in 1989 with a line of papers handmade using local plants and recycled fibers, owners Ron and Jennifer Rich began working with a 19th century printing press to create custom letterpress wedding invitations. They opened their current location in 1998 and continue to offer custom invitations and announcements via their print shop, urban paper mill, and retail shop. Oblation has a huge selection of artful cards, stationery, paper, ephemera and specialized items such as Italian correspondence cards, French wax seals, fountain pens, photo albums and journals. They even stock raw materials for bookbinding and office supplies.



The large, well-stocked retail space is warm and inviting with lots of historical charm. Upon entering, you’ll immediately find a huge selection of greeting cards covering all occasions, including: congratulations, well wishing, birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, thank you, holidays and everything in between. There are wonderful cards from local makers, such as Old School Stationers, national favorites, like Snow & Graham and Oblation’s own designs. Peppered throughout the space you’ll also find journals, pens, and small gifts such as books and handmade soaps. There is also a party section with place cards, coasters, invitations, cookbooks and other lovely things for your even or as great hostess gifts.




Heading to the other side of Oblation, you’ll find a large selection of fine paper, wrapping paper, more journals, books, and cards, and the Wrapping Bar where you can pick up all manner of fun items to help you create the perfect package. This side of the space is also where you can catch a glimpse of the impressive printing press in action! Oblation’s amazing staff is always available to consult regarding any custom printing needs you may have. Really though, one doesn’t have to need something particular to visit — you’ll either find something you didn’t know you needed or else just thoroughly enjoy perusing their amazing merchandise.



Oblation is located at 516 NW 12th Avenue and is open Monday through Saturday from 10AM–6PM and Sunday from 12PM–5PM. Follow Oblation Papers & Press on Facebook AND you can shop online.



This post and photographs are by Honey Kennedy contributor Allison Burt-Tilden. Make sure to visit Allison’s lovely blog Votre Grande Soeur

My 2015 Intentions


Happy New Year, friends! I don’t know what it is about 2015, but I’m feeling like it’s going to be a good one — a total dazzler. It just feels different for some reason. Does anyone else feel the same way? I know everyone’s experience is different, but I know so many people who have felt like they have had an uphill battle for the past few years and I am definitely one of them. I believe in trying to stay positive and moving forward, but sometimes, despite your best effort and good intentions, you just get emotionally jumped in the alley of life. Over and over again — with sucker punches from all kinds of unexpected directions. No inspo quote in the world can save you when this happens — you just have to get through it.

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot is that somewhere along the line I stopped doing quite a few things that actually make me very happy, so this is what’s at the core of my intentions for 2015. I’ve had a quartet of emotionally and physically grueling years and I am really looking forward to feeling lighter while I shuffle priorities and open new chapters. Then you just have to see how it all shakes out, I guess. I’d love to hear what you’re all working on!


Make more time to do things that make me happy. It really helps to give me the headspace to do everything else… and to feel present, alive, content and connected to other people.

Start the adoption process. There is a lot more to say about this and, after starting about 1,000 posts to talk about this very personal subject over the years, I’m pretty close to actually talking about it. Needless to say, this topic is thick with all kinds of emotions and a big part of it has been mourning the loss of the dreams we had of how we’d grow our family. It’s so loaded in so many ways and our hearts have really been through the wringer — repeatedly. I do think I’ve learned a lot that could help other people and, more selfishly, it might be nice to not feel so alienated. It’s been brutal. I am really excited (and nervous) about the next steps — maybe some of you out there will have some words of wisdom.

Spend more time on personal care. I’m just talking about simple things like making sure to use my humidifier every night because it’s good for my skin and sinuses and I get a more restful sleep. Spend more time getting ready and really do my hair, do more face masks, paint my nails, get massages more often, stretch, etc…

Get to know my camera. I invested in a good camera a while back and I still haven’t taken the time to get to really read the manual and play with it. I’m very eager to get to know my new buddy, wander, snap and share. I have fun plans.

Update my Photoshop and learn how to do more. I would love to go to NY and have my friend Anna teach more Photoshop skillz, but until then I need to just watch a bunch of videos. Plus, I’d still like to get a Wacom tablet to play with.

Go for bike rides. Lots of them. Drive out to the coast and pretty country roads to get a chance to ride outside of the city. I have a beautiful bike and need to show her a good time.

Plan vacations. Like, actual days totally off. In a row. In advance. Sounds crazy, I know.

Decorate and renovate. Get a plan together and prioritize endless house projects and keep adding to that monster summer yard sale pile as we go. I AM SO EXCITED TO GET THE HOUSE PUT TOGETHER! I love this process — even though it has to be slower than we’d like.

Accept what I am not. So many things, but here are a few examples: 1. I’m not a selfie-posting person. I like seeing all the lovely faces from time to time, but I find it odd when people fill 90% of their feed with selfies and photos taken of them by other people. At times I’ve felt like I should change this about myself, but it would feel way too awkward. I do like sharing what I’m doing, my city and my home though! 2. I’m not a person who is immediately flattered when approached by large corporations — another thing that I’ve mulled over and over. There will always be some exceptions, but I’m most jazzed when I get to work with indie makers, shops and businesses. 3. I’m not a fan of things getting too bland or aspirational. I get overwhelmed when people mimic each other and things all start to look the same. I like too many styles and colors. 4. I’m not someone who can say “Yes” to everything and I feel a lot of guilt about that. I need to get over it.

Talk about more personal stuff. On my blog and in general — just integrate a deeper personal perspective when I feel like it. I really don’t want to take a sudden swerve into TMI — just a bit more of my personal life, experiences and thoughts about it all. I keep meeting people who don’t want to ruffle any feathers by addressing what’s in front of them and I find that counterproductive when the silence goes beyond just being tactful and courteous. That’s how things get boring, people glaze over and things like “Normcore” happen. Blech.

Remember that I am loved. Even if I’m down on myself or others are.


Family time. Spend more time hanging out without distractions.

Hang out with friends. Host and attend gatherings. Reach out more. Travel to see buddies. I used to be more extroverted, but hard personal stuff, being hurt and overcommitting myself has made me go from ENFP to INFP over the years. I’d like to be more social again.

Travel more. Most of us can’t afford to travel as often or as far as we’d like, but even little day trips do so much for my disposition. I really do want to get to Brittany, Vienna, Antwerp, Malta, the English countryside and Ireland though. And MN, NY and VT.

Walk walk walk. It’s my favorite form of exercise and I need to make time to do it daily for long stretches. Headphones and a pretty, long route to a good cup of coffee or a record store is all I need.

Go antiquing and thrifting. I do a bit of this regularly, but not an adventurous all-day affair like I used to. My husband is not a fan of this activity and I really miss it. I can sweet talk a pal or go on my own.

Watch more British TV. Brit crime and period dramas fill me with glee. Give me a nana solving crimes on a bicycle or a Maggie Smith anything and I’m a happy girl.

Go out to the movies more. Instead of watching from a sofa. I love going to see old films.

Cook and bake. I find cooking and baking really relaxing and fun. Life gets so busy, you work too much and then putting something together by some kind of reasonable hour has become more of a chore than a joy. I need to make more time a few times a week at least. It helps manage nutrition and portion size too, of course. Must do.


PHOTOS: 1. Solita Solano and Djuna Barnes in Paris (Maurice Brange, Au Café, 1922) 2. Paris in 1927 by André Kertész.

Best of Honey Kennedy 2014: April, May, June

Hello again! Here are more popular Honey Kennedy posts rounded up from 2014. These fun ones are from April, May and June. I hope you find some wonderful things. I always enjoy these refreshers too. It’s amazing to revisit so many magical designs and experiences all over again. So many posts over so many hours! I get to know so many talented, kind and interesting people. Thanks you for reading Honey Kennedy and sharing this place with me — it really means so much to me. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! xo

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There are so many things at Woonwinkel that I have my eye on — it’s getting ridiculous. Here is a collection of my current faves below and now that I’ve put it together, I realize that there is a distinct blush pink, white and brass thing going on. They carry so many timeless, lovely, versatile designs — it’s hard to narrow down my shopping list. I have one of the large strappy leather baskets and it’s beautiful — I use it for magazines, but I think it would be sweet for linens or firewood too. I’d love to bring a few more dreamy things home to decorate our new house. So good! If you’re in Portland — make sure to check out Erica and Kristin’s wonderful downtown PDX shop! Woonwinkel is at 935 SW Washington St. More HERE.

A SWEET DEAL: Get 15% OFF at WOONWINKEL with code: SAVE15 now thru 12/24/14.


MY WOONWINKEL FAVES: 1. pink moon coasters 2. black wire arrow 3. pink marbled pillow 4. white pig bank 5. triangle cuff 6. vanderbilt table lamp 7. blush twist throw + black and linen blanket 8. brass hexagon pots 9. leather strap basket 10. dashes and moons tea towels 11. white sailing ship kite