Great Things

Hi guys, Kate from For Me, For You here. It’s been so long since I wrote a blog post with stuff that I decided to avoid a theme and just share some great things I’ve come across lately!

I’m an obsessive lipstick hoarder, and my favorites are always pencils/crayons, even though not many companies make them–until recently a few new ones have come along. I really want to try Bite’s new Matte Crème Lip Crayon as Bite makes clean beauty products that are actually bold and beautiful. But, truthfully, I’m on a major budget right now, so I’ll probably try the new Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm first!


Everything by Kindah Khalidy, but particularly this scarf. And the strawberry pouch! And and and…


The Made Up Words Project is a wonderful project by illustrator Rinee Shah. Do you have words someone in your family made up that were or are still used in your family’s lexicon that you may have not even known forever were not words the rest of the world used? Rinee is collecting and illustrating them all and they are hilarious to read through. My own contribution was “futsydutsy”, one of the many words my great grandmother used, which is used to describe a piece of lint.


I’m currently plowing through Cheryl Strayed’s amazing memoir, Wild, about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail alone in her 20s, so an outdoor adventure is top of mind right now. In this fantasy world in my head where I do something so brave and incredible I’m outfitted entirely by Westerlind. One can dream.


Lastly, I leave you with two great new songs. St Vincent’s “Prince Johnny” and Mirah’s “Oxen Hope”. Thanks for having me, Jen!

Melaena Cadiz


It turns out that one of my lovely readers, Melaena Cadiz, happens to be an amazing songbird and musician. I thought I’d share a few of my favorites here today with a few tracks and videos. Such a beautiful voice! Melaena lives in Brooklyn and, in the second video below, you can see her beautiful home. I have so many varied musical references floating around in my head when I listen to Melaena’s songs–Joan Baez, Melanie, Stevie Nicks, Billie Holiday, Jolie Holland, Dolly, Hope Sandoval–to name a few, but her sound is all her own. She has a stunning, timeless voice and beautiful lyrics. Listen to more of Melaena’s music HERE.


✚ Weekend plans, Bette Davis, new Pendleton and LOTS of lovely links.

✚ A single face in many beautiful variations.

✚ Some very beautiful jewels.

✚ I’m obsessed with this gorgeous collection.

✚ Magical perfume bottles from 1947.

✚ A vibrant and versatile new collection for spring!

✚ A sunny, dreamy new lookbook.

✚ An avalanche of wonderful things that have caught my eye lately.

IMAGE ABOVE: A photograph of Melaena Cadiz by Mikael Kennedy from Gravure.

Come Away With Me…


Hello! Google Reader bites the dust tomorrow, so I wanted to let you know how you can easily continue to follow Honey Kennedy and all of your other beloved blogs. There are several options for you to EASILY import all your current blog feeds and I’ve played with a few. I love you guys and want you to keep hanging out with me (FOREVER), so I want to help!

✚ The one I like most and find to be most similar to Google Reader: FEEDLY

✚ Another one I like–because you can view the blogs in their natural state: BLOGLOVIN’

✚ I haven’t played with it much, but I’ve heard some people say they like: DIGG READER

I recommend importing your current Google Reader blog feeds into one or all of these as quickly as possible, so you don’t miss out on posts or lose the ability to easily click and move everything at once. All three of these blog readers have “Import my Google Reader” options to make it super simple! Seriously–click, click, done.

Here are the Honey Kennedy links specifically, if you need them:


Image: Dorian Leigh photographed by Cecil Beaton. Vogue, 1950.

A Richer Red

A RICHER RED from Sarah Paul Ocampo on Vimeo.

I wanted to share this beautiful new video by one of my dearest and most talented friends, Sarah Paul Ocampo. We’ve been friends a long time now and besides still being one of my favorite people to drink too much gin and talk into the wee hours with–I love her music, choreography, love of words, style and overall creative vision. Sarah Paul will be uploading more of her dreamy music videos soon. Please come help me cheer her on. ♥

Created by Sarah Paul Ocampo, April 2013
Filmed by Gina Mainwal
Performed by Karen de Luna, Sara Jinks and Sarah Paul Ocampo

Mixtape: A Roll in the Meadow

Here’s a new music mix that I made, A Roll in the Meadow. It was inspired by the beautiful spring weather and it’s meant to be listened to while getting it on in a field of flowers. Or maybe it can be a transportive audio escape to conjure some daydreaming of pastoral lip locks. Or maybe you’ll just enjoy some good tunes! There are 20 songs including: My Bloody Valentine, Blur, New Order, Blouse, Gliss, Deathray & lots more! Find more of my mixes HERE.

A Roll in the Meadow from honey kennedy on 8tracks Radio.


Mixtape cover art by me. Don’t judge! I’m still learning Photoshop! Ha.