A Richer Red

A RICHER RED from Sarah Paul Ocampo on Vimeo.

I wanted to share this beautiful new video by one of my dearest and most talented friends, Sarah Paul Ocampo. We’ve been friends a long time now and besides still being one of my favorite people to drink too much gin and talk into the wee hours with–I love her music, choreography, love of words, style and overall creative vision. Sarah Paul will be uploading more of her dreamy music videos soon. Please come help me cheer her on. ♥

Created by Sarah Paul Ocampo, April 2013
Filmed by Gina Mainwal
Performed by Karen de Luna, Sara Jinks and Sarah Paul Ocampo

Mixtape: A Roll in the Meadow

Here’s a new music mix that I made, A Roll in the Meadow. It was inspired by the beautiful spring weather and it’s meant to be listened to while getting it on in a field of flowers. Or maybe it can be a transportive audio escape to conjure some daydreaming of pastoral lip locks. Or maybe you’ll just enjoy some good tunes! There are 20 songs including: My Bloody Valentine, Blur, New Order, Blouse, Gliss, Deathray & lots more! Find more of my mixes HERE.

A Roll in the Meadow from honey kennedy on 8tracks Radio.


Mixtape cover art by me. Don’t judge! I’m still learning Photoshop! Ha.

PRADA x Wes Anderson

I love these new videos for Prada’s Candy L’Eau by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola. The lighting, sets and locations are killing me… in a pastel, swoon-y, Parisian dream kind of way. I also love that they feature a song one of my favorite musicians of all time, Jacques Dutronc. Which is cool and fitting–Roman Coppola had a pretty big Dutronc love fest with the soundtrack to his film, CQ. SO GOOD. The song in the Prada video is L’Idole by Jacques Dutronc if you’re a music nerd, like me, and need to run and listen to it 50 times. Oui. Léa Seydoux plays “Candy”–what a beauty! Fantastique!




Mixtape: Miss Blackhawk

Hello! So, my gold star for creating Cavalcade! posts for Thursdays has dimmed a bit this week. I was, however, successful in the 11th hour (well, maybe the 14th hour) in making a mixtape for my friend in L.A., Miss Blackhawk, to listen to on her birthday. Well, really I posted it after midnight, so the day AFTER her actual birthday. Though if you, say, celebrate your birthday for an entire shining week or a month even–then I am right on schedule!

You can find the MISS BLACKHAWK mix on 8tracks or below in this post. Some bands I’ve included my mix are: Veronica Falls, Belle & Sebastian, Ride, Billy Bragg, The Kills, Ride and 12 others. I hope you have a nice time listening! Happy Birthday, BB! xo

MISS BLACKHAWK from honeykennedy on 8tracks Radio.

Mixtape: Be Mine, Valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ve made a tumultuous, love-inspired mixtape that you can listen to at your leisure. You can find Be Mine, Valentine. on 8tracks or below in this post. Some bands I’ve included my mix are: My Bloody Valentine (obviously!), Air, David Bowie, Mazzy Star, Blouse, The Pogues, The Warlocks and a bunch of others. I hope you have a nice time listening. If you want more mixes–I have a 9 more right HERE. xx Jen

Be Mine, Valentine. from honeykennedy on 8tracks Radio.