Best of Honey Kennedy 2014: July, Aug, Sept

Hello! Here is the third installment of the most popular Honey Kennedy posts from 2014. Here we have July, August and September and there are a lot of wonderful posts to peruse. Get comfy with your favorite cup of cheer and fall down the HK rabbit hole. Have fun! xx


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Honey Kennedy recipe: Cardamom Rose Vanilla Cashew Milk

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Cardamom Rose Vanilla Cashew Milk Recipe

Honey Kennedy recipe: Cardamom Rose Vanilla Cashew Milk

I’d just been daydreaming about how to make this recipe, until we got a fancy new blender and I was finally more inspired to experiment in the kitchen. Now I feel like those months were wasted in… total darkness (OK — just ever so slightly dramatic, but you guys this is MAGICAL ROSE MILK). I’ve only been making my orange flower almond milk occasionally due to laziness or absence of a few ingredients. In contrast, I’ve been totally obsessive about this new concoction and make sure to always have all ingredients on hand. It’s crazy good.

Make yourself a treat with your Cardamom Rose Vanilla Cashew Milk right away and then chill the rest — it will taste even better the next day (shake it up!). So far, it’s been absolutely wonderful in hot coffee, over iced cold brew coffee or shots of espresso, over ice cream and over blueberries and peaches. I also recently made the most AMAAAAAAAAZING smoothie with my cashew milk, frozen berries, pea protein powder and chia seeds. You’ll feel like a cat having cream for the first time — it’s such a decadent vegan creamer. I hope you love it! ♥

Creamy Cardamom Rose Vanilla Cashew Milk Recipe
by Jen McCabe

What you’ll need:
1 cup raw cashews (covered in water and soaked overnight)
3 cups water (or 2 1/2 if you want it extra creamy)
3 Tablespoons rose water (start with 2 if you’re unsure of your fleur threshold)
2 large Medjool dates (pitted)
1 whole vanilla pod
1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom
2 small pinches of sea salt (I like this Vanilla Sea Salt)
A blender (I have this wonderful beast, but most blenders should be fine!)
1 nut milk bag (I like this sturdy brand — find at Whole Foods, New Season, Amazon, etc)
A mixing bowl or pitcher with a wide opening
A funnel
A mason jar, a Weck bottle or glass pitcher (I love this cute set, also sold individually)

Measure 1 cup of raw cashews and place in a bowl or jar. Cover with water and let soak overnight (8 hours-ish). Rinse soaked cashews and put in your blender. Chop a whole vanilla bean pod (the whole thing – don’t bother trying to get seeds out) and put in the blender. Pit and quarter 2 large Medjool dates and put in the blender. Measure 3 Tablespoons food grade rose water (usually near the baking section of the grocery store or the ‘ethnic’ foods section) — pour into the blender. Put 1/2 teaspoon of ground cardamom in the blender. Add a couple pinches of sea salt. Pour in 3 cups water (2 1/2 if you’d prefer it to be creamier). Put the lid on the blender and blend everything together for about 1 minute on high — maybe more if your blender isn’t very powerful. We now have a Vitamix and it’s perfectly blended in a flash.

Please note: Most nut milk recipes call for 3 to 4 cups of water, but your blender may not have that capacity. If you want to make a less creamy batch by adding more water–you may need to blend it in batches depending on your machine’s capacity.

Once it’s all blended, get your nut milk bag out and hold it open inside a mixing bowl or a pitcher with one hand and slowly pour the nut milk and pulp into the mesh bag. Be careful not to let the bag fold on itself–just pour slowly, hold bag firmly open with your fingers and adjust as you go. Pour half of it in at a time to make it easier on yourself.

Cinch bag at the top with one hand and gently squeeze as much milk from the pulp as possible into your bowl. Go slowly, so you don’t burst the nut milk bag seams. My recipe is creamier than the standard recipes, so it might take a bit more effort to milk the bag. It’s like milking a tiny cow. You can save the pulp for baking, add to smoothies or compost.

Now that all your milk is squeezed out, transfer to a mason jar, Weck bottle or glass refrigerator pitcher (I LOVE this cute set). I use a funnel because I tend to spill, but if you don’t have one — you can pour the milk back into the rinsed out blender carafe to make it easier to transfer to your refrigerator container. Make a yummy coffee for yourself. Let me know how you like it!

Honey Kennedy recipe: Cardamom Rose Vanilla Cashew Milk

Photos by Jen McCabe / Honey Kennedy.

The Kinfolk Folks, Part Two


Hello again! Gail O’Hara, the managing editor at Kinfolk magazine, here again. This is part two of my mini profiles for the lovely team of individuals I work with at the magazine here in Portland. The first post (The Kinfolk Folks, Part One) featured those of us who are in the editorial and art departments and the people you’ll get to know a little bit about today are from more of the business and events side of the magazine and product line. Find what we do in our Kinfolk magazine, our online stories and films, our The Kinfolk Table: Recipes for Small Gatherings book and new brand and product line, Ouur (see Jen’s recent feature about the collection). Thanks to Jen for having us and to everyone for reading!


What you do at Kinfolk: I always wear a number of hats, but lately I’m known as the Community Director (planning worldwide events) and I’m focusing on a new project. Best thing about the office: We function as a weird, loving little family within white walls, a rotating display of live and dried plant life and surrounded by piles and piles of magazines. 

Hometown: Santa Barbara, California strong>PDX neighborhood: Buckman What you want for breakfast every day: I can’t stop eating smoothies. Favorite dish to make: My favorite simple brunch dish to make is hearty toast slathered with honey goat cheese, some sort of sweet jam or compote and a poached egg on top. Not sure that’s considered a dish, but it works for me. What you like to bake: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies–my recipe is in The Kinfolk Table: Recipes for Small Gatherings book. Fave PDX restaurants: Navarre and Sweedeedee Favorite photographer, designer, writer, artist (one or all): I’m notoriously bad at choosing favorites, but one artist who sticks out in my mind is Robert Rauschenberg. He always inspires. What you read: I always return to Annie Dillard, no matter how many times I’ve read her books. Your signature footwear: Most days it’s clogs of some variety, but I’ve been getting into a new pair of Supergas (Italian sneakers). They might be my new spring staple. Top shop: I’m always a sucker for Portland shops: Palace, Beam & Anchor and Lowell. When I’m home in Santa Barbara, it’s not a complete trip till I’ve made it to Pierre Lafond Upstairs. Top 5 albums: Nick Drake, “Pink Moon”; Loney Dear, “Loney Noir”; Iron & Wine, “Our Endless Numbered Days”; Mutual Benefit, “Love’s Crushing Diamond”; Efterklang, “Magic Chairs” A perfect summer day: Breakfast on the porch with a good book and coffee. Spend all day at the beach/river with pals, reading, snacking and dozing. Return home late in the day for a backyard barbecue. One adjective that describes you: Resourceful.


What you do at Kinfolk: Oh, lotsa stuff! Studio Manager. Best thing about the office: Green plants and white walls. The simple, clean space allows for a clear mind. Hometown: Corvallis, Oregon. Home of the Beavers and the best pizza in the state. PDX neighborhood: Clinton/Division. What you want for breakfast every day: Eggs from my chickens, toast and coffee. Your signature dish: We copied the breakfast rice bowl from Sqirl in LA and eat it at least once a week. What you like to bake: Julie’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, of course (find the recipe in The Kinfolk Table)! Favorite photographer, designer, writer, artist (one or all): I happen to be particularly fond of the contemporary painter Luc Fuller. What you read: Mainly garden books and art books. Your signature footwear: Rachel Comey Mars boots. They go with everything! I’ve worn my way through two pairs now. Top shop: Ace hardware. I go nuts in there (ha ha). One adjective that describes you: Simple.


What you do at Kinfolk: Service Manager Best thing about the office: My co-workers–they’re the best! It is the most beautiful office I’ve ever worked in, but it’s the people that make it great. Hometown: Columbus, Ohio. I’m a Buckeye born and bred and will always love Columbus. It’s a great city worth checking out! (HK editor’s note: I once ate a burrito as big as my head in Columbus–no joke! And the thrift shopping was epic.) PDX neighborhood: Brooklyn What you want for breakfast every day: What I want: Eggs over easy, thick-cut bacon, buttered toast, a glass of OJ and lots of coffee. What I eat: The same exact cold cereal every single weekday. Favorite dish to make: I really enjoying cooking meats of all variety, especially on the grill. What you like to bake: My wife, Laney, loves to bake and is so talented that it would be futile for me to interfere. I like to sit on the counter while she bakes. Fave PDX restaurants: Horse Brass Pub and Pine State Biscuits. Favorite photographer, designer, writer, artist (one or all): Ernest Hemingway or Nathaniel Hawthorne. What you read: I read East of Eden about every year. Otherwise, I stick to historical nonfiction–especially biographies. Top 5 albums: At Folsom Prison by Johnny Cash, Into the Wild by Eddie Vedder, The Lion King soundtrack, Gettysburg soundtrack and any one of my many random high school era mixes. Your signature footwear: My great-grandpa’s moose-hide house slippers. Top shop: Every antique bookstore. A perfect summer day: On the coast, wake up early, stay up late, lots of good food, family and friends, and plenty of time outdoors. One adjective that describes you: Antiquarian


What you do at Kinfolk: Business Manager Best thing about the office: Inspirational Hometown: McMinnville, Oregon PDX neighborhood: NE What you want for breakfast every day: Baked grapefruit. Favorite dish to make: BBQ chicken What you like to bake: cookies Favorite photographer, designer, writer, artist (one or all): My sister-in-law, Kelly Searle is all of these and inspires me endlessly! What you read: I listen to podcasts mostly, and watch TED talks! Your signature footwear: Zara boots Top shop: Another Story One adjective that describes you: Resourceful


What you do at Kinfolk: Oversee all accounting. Best thing about the office: The people who work here. Hometown: Mission Viejo, California PDX neighborhood: Hollywood District – NE Portland What you want for breakfast every day: Eggs with avocado and toast. Favorite dish to make: White Bean Chili What you like to bake: Bread Favorite writer, artist, photographer, designer (one or all): Really enjoy photography by Leo Patrone, Laura Dart and Carissa Gallo. What you read: A variety of books from baby to business. Your signature footwear: Basic black flats. Top shop: Madewell One adjective that describes you: Effervescent (the edit team chose this word for her)


What you do at Kinfolk: Director of Business Operations Best thing about the office: The office potlucks. Hometown: Mission Viejo, California. PDX neighborhood: NE Portland What you want for breakfast every day: Bagel with cream cheese or an egg on toast with avocado. Favorite dish to make: Grilled cheese sandwiches. What you like to bake: Bread Favorite writer, artist, photographer, designer (one or all): Amanda Jones and the Gallo duo What you read: Monocle Your signature footwear: Depends on the day. Top shop: Old Faithful Shop in Vancouver, BC One adjective that describes you: Peculiar


Thanks Gail and the Kinfolk team! It was fun finding out a little bit about the people who make it all happen! Make sure to read The Kinfolk Folks, Part One.

PHOTO CREDITS: 1-5 & 8 are all by Gail O’Hara. 6 & 7 by Katie Searle-Williams.

Happy Friday! + I HEART PDX


Well, this week did not go as planned. I had a bunch of posts in the works, but I was taken down by a monster truck of a cold late Wednesday night. It has currently moved into my throat and I’m crossing my fingers that it just moves itself right on out just as quickly! I hope you are all feeling good and–for my US friends–ready for the long holiday weekend. See you back here on Tuesday! I hope your own weekend looks like the image above… minus the leopard hiding in the ferns. xo Jen



♥ I really, really want one of these magical machines. Sigh.

♥ I want ALL THESE BAGS–especially this one and this one.

♥ This tank top is pretty amazing.

♥ The color of this candy cosmo silk scarf is fantastic!

♥ This striped tote is perfect for beach and park trips. Totes a lot!

♥ Sweet swimwear! Going fast. (MEMORIAL20 for 20% off purchases)

♥ So cute–white saltwater sandals.

♥ These colorful mp3 beach radios would be fun to use with and protect your iPhone!

♥ I love this lovely mirror for your bicycle.

♥ YUM. This recipe for glazed cherry pecan picnic cake sounds amazing.


♥ Fri, May 23. Eden and Eve in Eden will be starting a 20% off sale (in-store only)! All jewelry, perfume, candles, housewares clothing, books, gowns, bridal, and accessories. Everything! Eden is at 221 NW 11th Ave. MORE INFO.

♥ Sat, May 24. 11AM—5PM. Come by the huge Spring Clean Sample Sale at The Cleaners at Ace Hotel! Bridge & Burn, BLTN Jewelry, Nell & Mary, Wood & Faulk, Brixton, Make It Good, And Work Apparel, Black Mfg, No Star and Volcom will all be clearing out their stock for one mega sale. The Cleaners is at 403 SW 10th Ave. MORE INFO.

♥ Sat, May 24. 2PM—6PM. Pop by the Reif and Seaecho Happy Hour Studio Sample Sale! Join these awesome ladies for great deals on turbans, bags, clothing, fabric and more from Reif and Seaecho. HUGE discounts on previous collections, samples, and one of a kind pieces—up to 70% off! Plus, bubbly while you shop. The sale is at 3115 NE Sandy Blvd, Room 230. MORE INFO.

♥ Sun, May 25. 1PM—4PM. Frances May will be hosting an ace&jig Trunk Show. Meet co-designer Jenna Wilson and get 20% off the spring collection. Plus, drinks and snacks while you shop! Frances May is at 1013 SW Washington St. MORE INFO.

♥ Now thru Mon, May 26. Shop Adorn is having a big Memorial Day sale. Buy 3 items and get 1 free! Shop Adorn is at MORE INFO.

PHOTO ABOVE: By Richard Rutledge for Glamour magazine, June 1956.



YAY! Happy Friday, friends! I’m thrilled that the weekend is here. The mountain of work I did this week — topped with epic battles with my unrelenting insomnia issue (it’s been really bad, you guys) — have left me just a shell of a girl. I am ready to put down the computer and frolic through the fields, so to speak. I’ve got the coast on my mind — it’s my happy place. I am feeling the strong pull to go stare at the sea to release, relax and recharge… all the re-s.

Since before New Year, I’ve had so many post ideas swirling around in my head while I’ve been working on other things, but I’ve had a very difficult time finding the time to really get them fully formed. It feels like these wisps are just flitting around my head while I try to steer a ship and keep it on course. I’m going to take a long weekend to pin down some of those ideas that have been circling and making that a priority feels really good. I would also like to recline on a yacht, like Clara above, but we’ll have to see. Have a good weekend! xo Jen


35 amazingly generous shopping discount codes from lovely little shops and makers!

I LOVE this black linen skirt and in white, navy and light blue. Such a good deal!

These blush linen scalloped shorts are adorable. Love the white and black, too!

This cute black linen pencil skirt for summer work meetings. Another good deal on a staple.

Sweet striped cotton shorts. I love the buttons!

These paisley sneaks are pretty sweet.

And these chambray polka dot sneaks are real cute, too.

Gimme these fancy polka dot pajamas.

I LOVE this stormy clouds print.

I can’t wait to smell this sea salt candle! Love their soaps.

This is my favorite balm for soft hands–also a great gift for moms and nanas.

This is such a perfect beach or picnic blanket.

Oooh! Lilac water is such a good idea. #drinkyourflowers

A rhubarb raspberry tart with lavender whipped cream? YES, PLEASE. #eatyourflowers


Sweet sale codes + my picks from Bridge & Burn, Aster + Bay, Victory, Strumpet, Vaux Vintage, Imelda’s, Favor Jewelry, Fail Jewelry and Porch Light.

Spring Faves #2
Sweet sale codes + my picks from Gift Shop Brooklyn, Lille Boutique, Erica Weiner, Woonwinkel, Rib & Hull, Ay Marieke, Summerland, Tiro Tiro, Betsy & Iya and OLO.

Spring Faves #3
Sweet sale codes + my picks from Shop Adorn, Seaworthy, Upper Metal Class, Flutter, Vuela, Tilde, Noun, Small Earth Vintage and Dalena Vintage.

Spring Faves #4
Sweet sale codes + my picks from Rilla, LoveHate, Uncovet, Fetch Eyewear, Imaginary Authors, LunaSol and Nancybird.


ABOVE PHOTOS: The incomparable Clara Bow.