HAPPY WEEKEND! I hope you all have fun things to do and sunny days to do them in. I seem to be getting a cold, but have too much to do this weekend to succumb to this nonsense. The plan is to power through (I will be victorious!) — so, we’ll see how that goes, I guess. If you could think some happy, healthy thoughts for my sweet niece Madeline — I’d really appreciate it. She lives in Minneapolis and is having a lot of dire health complications (heart and lungs). It’s hard to not be there right now and she needs all the good energy she can get. Thank you! xoxo Jen


♥ One of every single thing, please. SERIOUSLY.

♥ Especially this. And this. And this.

♥ SO CUTE. Love this linen jumpsuit.

♥ This dreamy cotton gingham dress would be perfect for summer parties.

♥ I love this simple white cotton eyelet dress — just add a picnic. (30% off: BIGSALE)

♥ Very into this versatile silk black on black dress. Such a good deal!

♥ So cuckoo for this pretty blush top and skirt. The terra-cotta and black, too!

♥ It’s ballet pink, super versatile, and has… crotch snaps. (30% off: BIGSALE)

♥ That bodysuit above would be really cute with this lovely linen gingham skirt.

♥ Well, these jeans have a lot happening, but I like them. (30% off: BIGSALE)

♥ I think these pants look perfect in every color, but love the green. (30% off: BIGSALE)

♥ WHAT THE WHAT? This cardigan-sleeveless coat-top thing is incredible.

♥ Oh, hello. These little checkered shoes are very sweet.

♥ I love that these ribbed cloggy beauties are “shrimp-colored”.

♥ I’m sure these beautiful handmade sandals make that woven leather sound that I like.

♥ Not usually my color, but I’m loving these vibrant suede ballet flats. (30% off: BIGSALE)

♥ Woah. This silver metallic swimsuit is très sexy. #cheeks

♥ Aaannnnd… monstera plant and cocktail bikini tops and bikini bottoms.

♥ Bronzed Clay and Rustic Coffee, please. Pretty matte swimsuits. (30% off: BIGSALE)

♥ These big metallic pink earrings are cheap and fun.

♥ This amazing face serum feels like a really good meal. (15% off: CELEBRATEMOM)

♥ My eyes look more awake lately because of DIAMONDS. (15% off: CELEBRATEMOM)


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PHOTO: John Rawlings, 1953.



Happy Friday and Happy Easter! Here’s to a lovely weekend and, hopefully, a little sunshine. We have our niece, a party, and more puppy training on the agenda — we’re trying to keep it pretty a leisurely one. I’m going to gather some yummy things to make a little Easter basket for our niece today and MAAAAYBE we’ll try to go out for brunch Sunday — which could be a little nuts in a town where brunch is already nuts without a holiday thrown in! Eeeeps — we’ll see. Have a fun one! xo Jen


♥ Proceeds from my favorite skincare mask will go to fight climate change through April!

♥ I love this embroidered cotton dress with pockets! (extra 50% off: salewow50)

♥ A sweet eyelet summer dress or beach coverup! (extra 30% off: DREAMBIG)

♥ Such a wonderful midi organic cotton sundress! It has nice pockets as well!

♥ I’m feeling these wide-legged organic cotton pants in the same print!

♥ This dreamy blouse-y grey top looks hella breezy. (20% off: BLOOM)

♥ Ever single one of these swimsuits is perfection.

♥ A smokin’ navy lace-up swimsuit for a really good deal. (extra 50% off: salewow50)

♥ This striped bikini top + high-waisted swim bottoms are CUTE. (25% off orders $150+)

♥ Cute! Love these hearts ankle wrap sandals — so sweet.

♥ YES. I want a pair of these booties so bad!

♥ These handy leather pouches are my forever favorites. Beauties!

♥ Every color of these bags are on my wish list! I have one beloved in black/gold.

♥ I can’t stop staring at this cute market bag — the colors together are so good.

♥ This shimmering silver circle bag is so good! (extra 50% off: salewow50)

♥ LOVE LOVE LOVE this big leather weekender bag. (extra 30% off: DREAMBIG)

♥ Get some cute bewbs for yourself and a friend ($ helps women!). (20% off: TREATYOSELF)

♥ I would love to wear these golden vine earrings!

♥ A full moon + an eclipse for more dazzle around your pretty face. (20% off: TREATYOSELF)

♥ Oooh… this yellow sapphire ring is pretty amazing.

♥ Love this bronze cactus dish to display jewels and trinkets. (Free Shipping: SHIPFREE2)

♥ These pillars of amethyst are just crazy beautiful. (15% off: HK15)

♥ This geometric shapes rug is amazing for those who dare to go ivory! (25% off thru 4/16)

♥ I love this rug inspired by Moroccan penny tiled floors. (25% off thru 4/16)

♥ WHAAAAT?? This geometric outdoor sofa would be so lovely inside or out!

♥ Obsessed with the matching outdoor chairs, too! And all the little tables.

♥ We got one in this size and are using with this coffee. So STRONG. So good.

♥ WOW. To make your morning coffee ritual even more wonderful.

♥ YUM. This coconut smoothie sounds so good. With or without booze!


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PHOTOS: Mary Jane Russell by Frances McLaughlin Gill with Andy Warhol’s rabbit drawings.

Charming the Moon

I was just looking around Charming the Moon and noticed that Jewelie has some really lovely loot in her shop right now! I’ve listed out my favorites below with photos for you to check out. Also, look for Jewelie’s apothecary lines — Topaz and Wolf’s, peruse beautiful altar and ritual goods, and stop by the sale section for some crazy amazing deals. More HERE.

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MY CHARMING THE MOON PICKS: 1. eye post earrings 2. crescent necklace 3. block printed tote bag 4. printed pouches 5. garden coasters 6. amethyst pillars 7. tatine candles 8. atlantis perfume 9. rosewood ylang ylang perfume 10. maroma indian incense 11. horizon earrings 12. floral 2017 planner 13. gold geometric tea light holders 14. animal spirit tarot deck and guidebook



Creatures of Comfort: Spring BTS


Sometimes my favorite photographs for collections are the the behind the scenes shots before and after runway shows. I love these backstage photos for the Creatures of Comfort Spring/Summer 2017 show. The Pink Carmen Seersucker Dots Skirt at the bottom paired with the Raoul Silk Roses Top is stunning. The first photo with the Chili Dots Robbie Dress and the raised belt is gorgeous. I also love the Monarch Silk Linen Dress, the Pink Block Seersucker Dots Dress, the Creation Green Floral Silk Dress, the Raina Silk Linen Dress, the Pink Tulum Seersucker Dots Top, the Fuchsia Pia Otomi Plisse Top, the Green Hero Topshine Top (like vintage pjs!) and the Toby Cotton Broadcloth Top. More HERE.


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♥ I love these amazing fruit and flowers prints so much. Poisonous, please!

♥ I stopped by this wonderful Portland boutique for a visit.

♥ A fun new roundup of Lovely Things that have caught my eye.

♥ Oh, my. I think this collection is one of my favorites so far this year.

♥ Beautiful beautiful beautiful shoes.

♥ Gorgeous organic shapes and colors — one of each, please!

♥ Thinking a lot about all these linen robes and pajamas.

♥ Blush things, lucky earrings, eyelets, winks, minty checks, and many other fun things.

♥ This lady is making really good bodysuits and other lovely garments.

♥ Just totally cuckoo for this very romantic collection.

♥ Lots of linen things, cute sneakers, lip stain, stripes, and many other great things!

♥ I think this collection looks so soft and breezy. Those sleeves!

♥ Their lingerie and lounge game is very strong.

♥ Be like Wonder Woman.

♥ These folks are making fantastic little rugs and shower curtains.

♥ Yep. Boob hooks, banana pillows, and brick blankets. All of it.

♥ Oh, you know, just the prettiest collection inspired by Anne of Green Gables.

♥ This lady will never fail to send me over the moon with her designs.

♥ All these handmade jewels, please.

♥ Some ace late 1970s designs and a million lovely links to peruse.

♥ Everything from their new collection is great — pleated knitwear and glimmer.

♥ Yes, that’s right. This really is a pasta-inspired collection.

♥ So many absolutely beautiful modern shapes.

♥ Sadie and Jeremy’s new spring collection is stunning — love that they’re branching out!

♥ If you’re in PDX – this colorful ceramics event is happening through May 1.

♥ Portland pals — stop by this stellar collaborative event every first Sunday!


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Backstage at Creatures of Comfort RTW Spring 2017

Backstage at Creatures of Comfort RTW Spring 2017

Backstage at Creatures of Comfort RTW Spring 2017




Happiest Friday to you, friends! I’m happy to see my garden starting to slowly come alive and color peeking out here and there. I hope to get my hands in the dirt this weekend, but we are also deep in puppy training mode and need to take our Baby Audrey out and about to help her shyness and socialization. I’m also hoping to eat yummy vegan Chinese food, drink a lot of tea, bake something sweet, wander the Portland Nursery, read a book from my stack, and watch some BBC crime. Wishing you a fantastic weekend! xx Jen


GIVEAWAY: Make sure to enter my BIG SEAWORTHY GIVEAWAY! So good.

♥ I absolutely love this intoxicating summer scent.

♥ How to get the most out of your skincare routine.

♥ This blush linen utility jacket is lovely! (40% off: ONEDAY)

♥ A stunning plunging French lingerie set with cute cheeky undies!

♥ Maybe we all need one of these breezy striped pom pom robes.

♥ This short linen dress would be good for summer beach days. (40% off: ONEDAY)

♥ This field of flowers Liberty print sundress is so sweet.

♥ I love this adorable polka dot dress.

♥ Such a crazy good deal for this amazing dress. (extra 20% off: extra20sale)

♥ Loving this eyelet midi skirt in both black and white. Pockets! (40% off: ONEDAY)

♥ Hello, you beautiful minty checked top. I think I love you.

♥ I can’t stop thinking about this long grey linen tunic. ($25 off: springlove)

♥ This hand dyed super nova top is a galactic dream.

♥ This simple cotton sleeveless top is a good sunny day closet staple. (40% off: ONEDAY)

♥ I’m definitely getting this cotton lace eyelet tank in black or white. (40% off: ONEDAY)

♥ This oversized linen button up would be good to have in each color. (40% off: ONEDAY)

♥ I’m feeling these tomato-y skinny jeans.

♥ Still very dazzled by these amazing earrings. (remember to enter my giveaway!)

♥ I would very much like to have one of these dreamy cuff bracelets.

♥ YESSSSS. Cuckoo for these bold lucky earrings.

♥ I’d like to stack the circle, the wink, and the moon.

♥ Oh my. These hats for kiddos are so good.

♥ Love the color combo on this pom pom basket.

♥ Remember this gorgeous handmade moon game? Still love it.

♥ I have my eye on this nice espresso machine to replace our old clunker.

♥ Thinking about getting these beautiful chopsticks for my sushi-loving husband.

♥ And these special cuties for myself!

♥ Please don’t let them fire Big Bird and Ira Glass — protect public media.



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