So, it’s Friday? I have no idea how this week went so fast. The pace of time is endlessly distressing (not a good use of time!?). I thought what might really be helpful is a tutorial for how to slow time down, but it just makes me wish I had more time and money to travel! Sigh. This weekend is full of tedious, time consuming tasks that I’m not looking forward to, so tonight will be all about slowing the week down with some takeout, nail polish, wine and a good Brit crime drama. I hope you have some slow, enjoyable plans for the weekend!


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♥ My new favorite top. I’m never taking it off.

♥ I love this blush dress and the black version, too!

♥ Love love love this super cute linen dress.

♥ …and the also super cute striped version.

♥ These dusty pink linen shorts are a lovely closet staple.

♥ Love this easy, slouchy sweater.

Cashmere hoodie? Yes, please. 5, please.

♥ I’m not much of a t-shirt person, but this one I really like.

♥ These spotted flats are sweet for spring.

♥ I really need to buy a pair of these shoes for spring bike rides.

♥ I like these cute suede slip on sneakers.

♥ The very cutest of all the slip on sneaks.

♥ A beautiful custom ceramic moon pendant.

♥ My current fave candle—smells like sunny days are coming!

♥ I tried a sample of this perfume and it’s lovely! Pine, lavender, cardamom!

♥ I love this new ‘envy’ color lipstick that I picked up.

♥ The ‘fiery’ color is lovely, too!


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IMAGES ABOVE: 1. Photograph by Charles Allmon from “Martinique: A Tropical Bit of France,” National Geographic, February, 1959. 2. Dorian Leigh a pleated address with leather straps by Carven. Photo by Georges Dambier, March 1954.


It’s been a while (again) since I did one of these mega Cavalcade! posts. With taking time off last week to take care of Zelda–I’ve got a backlog of lovely things and not enough time in the day. So, here are some things I’ve been admiring lately. There’s not really a theme per se, but it looks cohesive through my rosy goggles. Maybe a “blush silk Morocco quartz crystal diamond whiskey jetsetter magical rays” kind of theme? I dunno–that’s all I got.

I love this old photo of model, Jean Shrimpton. Such great style–those bags!

This print from Liam Stevens is fantastic–love his work.

This amazing ring from Erica’s shop is going to stay in my mind FOREVER.

This peachy silk dress is so pretty. The shoes are lovely as well.

I don’t technically need another credenza, but this one from Angela Adams is a beauty.

This rose hip mask sounds nice. They say it leaves a “rose hip milk tea” scent on your skin.

This pretty Dawn in Montauk candle smells like melon, honey, grass, sandalwood and sun.

I’m very much in love with this saddle bag that Nette’ made. So beautiful!!

These link rings are so lovely and come in gold, brass, platinum and sterling silver.

Oh, just the PERFECT white marble mortar and pestle.

I’ll take all these rugs, please. And… everything else in the shop.

I love these kaleidoscope basket bowls–especially this one.

I’ve always adored this Irving Penn photo of kids running in Morocco.

Lee Radziwill and her daughter at home in London by Cecil Beaton for Vogue, 1966.

These dotty hexagonal coasters are so pretty.

I would love love love to have one of these stoneware eyes in my house.

A dreamy neroli candle entirely sculpted by water.

A cute test shoot from Frolic!–it was shot by Lisa with help from Chelsea, Megan and Skye.

I want to try this rosy soap from Sweden. Has anyone out there tried the Nea of Sweden line?

I love this little tutorial Elizabeth posted to help us all learn to sandwash silk.

This taxidermy swan by Jessica Silversaga is such a striking image.
Photo: Jessica Silversaga

Perhaps the most beautiful flask in the world? Yes, it ’tis.

Whoever gets this ring is one very freaking lucky person. Major dazzler!

I’m still completely enamored with these quartz crystal mirrors from a few years ago.

I wouldn’t mind chilling out in this gorgeous space for a few hours.

Bridge & Burn at Detroit Lake

Here’s a little preview of the upcoming Bridge & Burn Fall/Winter 2014 collection. That hooded green plaid coat is just amazing–can’t wait for that baby to be available! Plus, that hooded parka and woolly top with pearl buttons are ace. I love the colors of Erik’s designs against this beautiful backdrop. The lookbook was shot at stunning Detroit Lake just East of Salem, Oregon, along the Cascade Scenic Byway– two hours from Portland. Makes me want to go for a drive right now–definitely adding it to the list. More Bridge & Burn.
















Photography: Cara Denison
Styling: Audrey Brown
Models: Julia Kenyon + Thomas Remmers (Q6)
Clothing: Bridge & Burn

You Don’t Own Me, Bag Check

Hi there, fancy Honey Kennedy readers! I’m Anna from Door Sixteen. Up until about a year and a half ago, the most traveling I had done in the past decade was going back and forth between my house and work. I thought of myself as being permanently glued to New York, and I never thought about stuff like passports and travel bags. Then I took a trip to London, which broke the traveling ice! Since then, I’ve been to San Francisco, Palm Springs, New Orleans, and most recently, Stockholm.

After being thrust into the world of airports and TSA screenings and bad weight limits and layovers, I’ve learned one big thing: I do not want to check a bag. I want to go carry-on only, and I don’t want to wind up dropping stuff all over the place and having to dig for my boarding pass while I go through airport security. I want to keep it simple, flexible, and no-nonsense! To that end, I’ve put together my ideal collection of travel products, all geared toward being able to stash my bag in the overhead bins.


1. TokyoMilk Dark Handcreme and Lip Elixer
I’m a little bit obsessed with TokyoMilk stuff right now. Yeah, the packaging is a big part of it, but the products themselves are really luxurious. I don’t mess around with a million different mists and moisturizers when I’m flying, but I do like to keep my hands and lips from going all reptilian on me.

2. Madewell Transport Tote
Rather than putting everything into one large bag, I like to bring a roomy tote with me to hold the things that I’ll want at the ready when I’m on the plane. I can stash it under the seat in front of me, while the big bag goes overhead. I make sure the things that need to go into the bin at security (laptop, liquids, etc.) all go into the tote so I don’t have to dig around. This tote also has a zippered pocket inside that’s big enough to hold my passport and boarding pass, and it’s nice enough to use for any occasion once I’m at my destination.

3. Herschel Outfitter Luggage
It’s got a top handle, it’s got a shoulder strap, it’s got grabber handles on the end, and you can wear it as a backpack. Oh, and it comes with a laundry bag and there’s a separate zippered shoe compartment! Sold.

4. Herschel Chapter Dopp Kit
My rule is that EVERYTHING I put on my face or in my hair has to fit in ONE designated bag, or it’s not coming along. That includes my brushes and my toothpaste, too. I make sure to keep the liquids and gels contained in a Ziploc baggie inside of the Dopp kit, though, to make it easier to pull out and toss in the TSA tray.

5. Beanie on Helina Zipper Pouch
I like to have an extra-large pouch inside of my tote for miscellaneous items so they’re not getting tossed all over the place. That’s where I stash all of my chargers, hand wipes, bandages, aspirin, sunglasses, and anything else that’s not going in the Dopp kit. Once I’m at my destination, the pouch becomes a hold-all for the things I need to keep handy while I’m out and about.

6. Universal Travel Adapter
I’ve used both the UK and Europe slots on this adapter and have had no issues at all. It’s a little tricky to figure out how to flip out the different plugs, but I like having everything all in one place. Also, it’s cute.

7. Triple C greenJUICE Power Bank
I can’t sleep on planes. I try to read, but it’s hard to concentrate when you’re super uncomfortable. What do I do instead? I play Dots on my iPhone. Over and over and over and over. Next thing I know, my battery is at 3% and I’m frantically looking under the seat for an outlet (there’s pretty much never an outlet). This power bank holds two FULL charges for an iPhone, which is pretty amazing considering it’s smaller than a deck of cards. Just remember to charge the thing itself up the night before—it takes about 6 hours to reach full capacity.

8. Muji Travel Bottles, various sizes
BOTTLES. Everything goes in a bottle, and these are my favorites. They’re skinner than most travel bottles, which makes it much easier to line them all up vertically in your liquids Ziploc. I’ve never had one leak, either. I use the little jars for stuff like eye cream, sine it’s really not necessary to take an entire tube. Anything to save precious space in the baggie.

Ready? Set…go!

Sawkille Co.

I love these stools from Sawkille Co.–a wonderful Hudson Valley furniture company. I’ve been gathering up things around the house to purge lately and thinking about pieces I’d like to trade up for. A beautiful stool or two and a stumpy little side table are on the list for sure. I love what Sawkille Co. is making. They call it “farmhouse modern” and their signature stool is based on old milking stools. I’d love to own a couple pieces. More HERE.

These lovely people are located in beautiful Rhinebeck, NY where my good friend, Anna, grew up. If you follow me on Instagram or FB, you might remember I spent time exploring Rhinebeck (the amazing old cemetery!) and other parts of the Hudson Valley (Vanderbilt mansion!) for a week with Anna a little over a year ago when Hurricane Sandy turned my city visit upside-down. It was a spontaneous trip at the time, but I look forward to spending more time in Rhinebeck and the rest of Dutchess and Ulster counties.






Sawkille Co. by Philip Leaman.