Lovely Things #2

Hello! Here I go with my second installment of LOVELY THINGS! This time it seems to be more about home goods, travel, and art. It’s strange that, without trying, these things that my eye tends to gravitate to all sort of fit together in color and mood. Totally randomly lured by them, but cohesive all the same. Oh my word, I am coveting so many home things. It’s hard when you can see the design symphony your home could boast, but the piggy bank just shakes its head. Little by little it will get there. Check out more Lovely Things posts! ♥

Love this viewpoint of a 17th century church on Monserrate in Bogotá, Colombia.

This beautiful little specimen terrarium display case is high on my wish list.

This photo from The Danish Girl of Alicia Vikander, as amazing artist Gerda Wegener, is stunning. The costume designs by Paco Delgado are a dream.

I’m absolutely cuckoo for this Forest Green Velvet Settee and all the emerald, grey, and duck egg hues. Also, this navy velvet sofa is very close to my antique Chippendale rescue.

Such sweet floor cushions in geometric waves prints. Nice for kitties, pups, babies, or just so your own bum is comfy relaxing on the floor.

This fun Geometric Wool Tile Dhurrie is a great piece! Especially if the #ihavethisthingwithfloors reality of fancy tile prices is getting you down.

Ummm…. I can’t unsee these phenomenally beautiful kilims by Taher Asad-Bakhtiari. His textile work is brilliant.

Yep. Still have my eye on these black pom pom baskets. Too good.

“Forestus Tatas”. Hahahaaaa! This Imaginary Boob Fungus Terrarium painting is awesome. I also love this other terrarium painting she did.

Wow. Lisa’s new lighting designs are freaking fantastic. Those colors! I’d like a Large Smooth Bell, a Small Smooth Bell, and a Large Matchstick Tube to hang together.

ALL the things from Woonwinkel, please. Especially loving the Copper Bowls with White Marble Lids and the Natural Linen Black Triangles Pillows.

Such a clever stacked jewelry box in layers of maple, cork, and copper.

These pretty blown glass pitchers would be nice to have filled with ice and lemonade spritzers for summer dinners on the patio or filled with mimosas at brunch with friends.

YAY! It’s peach season!! This peach tartlet recipe looks yummy.

Oh, yeah. I’d love some strawberry apricot breakfast crisp any morning… any day.

I love how inviting these tufted daybed mattresses look when stacked up or positioned amongst the houseplants for a living room floor retreat. Really into this one and this one.

Some of the amazing ceramics available at OKO. Those black vases are by Bobbie Specker and Meadow Design Ceramics made the black planter pot and black salt holder.

Well, this is a dream workspace! Love the Samara Work Table and the whole look from Feist Forest and Country Living mag.

Madewell Fall 2016

We’re not ready to be done with summer, but here are some of my favorite looks from the upcoming Madewell Fall/Winter 2016 Collection. I love all the layers of tailored pieces with more schlumpy pieces, the pattern play, and the cropped trousers. My favorites might be the little grey capelet coat and the Pepto pink overcoat. You’ll find lots more autumn fun HERE soon enough, but let’s not really think about that just yet.









Images courtesy of Madewell.

Shop Visit: Chariot


In the charming coastal town of Astoria, Oregon, we now have Chariot Spirit + Home, the newly open retail spot joining the list of must-visit attractions. An hour and a half from Portland, Astoria has been a long a hidden gem, but it’s popularity has been gaining serious traction the last few years as craft breweries, boutique hotels, a killer farmer’s market, and fun events have taken root and our state becomes home to more people. The addition of Chariot makes it all the more a fun destination for Portland locals and visitors.



Conceived and brought to life by interior designer and tarot reader, Suzy Olsen, Chariot takes it’s name from the chariot card which came up again and again in tarot spreads Suzy pulled for guidance as she worked on this project. A lover of antiques, Suzy was drawn to Astoria’s beautiful Victorian homes, coastal air, and as she put it ‘haunting spirits’. The result of these loves is Chariot’s inspiring combination of retail shop, design studio, and spiritual workshop.



I was lucky enough to visit Chariot on it’s first official day open to the public. It was a beautiful sunny day and Chariot’s wares were truly shining. Stealing the show were definitely the textiles which include handprinted napkins from Portland’s Nell and Mary, shibori pillows from East Knot, as well as brightly colored rugs and throws. Other standouts included paint dipped baskets, striped cafe au lait bowls, wall hangings from WKNDLA, and handmade pottery. Suzy is a lover of antiques and Chariot’s vintage and vintage-inspired wares aren’t fussy and lend themselves to both vintage and modern abodes.



Ready to tackle the ‘spirit’ portion of it’s name, you’ll find natural skin care from Fig and Moss and Plantmakeup, almost too-beautiful-to-burn cedar and rosemary smudge wands, candles, crystals, and incense cones nestled amongst the homewares. A natural skin care enthusiast, I was intrigued by Plantmakeup’s Wild Rose face wash as well as the Fig and Moss Balancing Honey facial cleanser. In the end, I brought home the Balancing Honey Facial Cleanser and couldn’t love it more. While Chariot Spirit + Home would be right at home here in Portland, it’s a lovely addition to Astoria and I can’t wait to stop in again next time I’m in town. I recommend you make the journey yourself this summer and stop in to check it out.



Chariot Spirit + Home is located at 1421 Commercial Street in Astoria, Oregon and is open Thursday through Saturday from 11AM to 6PM, Sunday from 11AM to 4PM and Monday from 11AM to 6PM. The shop is closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Chariot’s online shop is coming along! Follow @chariot.home on Instagram and like Chariot.home on Facebook to keep up on new arrivals, events and sales.




Shop Visit is a Honey Kennedy series about shops and studios found in Portland and beyond. This post is by Honey Kennedy contributor Allison Burt-Tilden. Stop by her lovely blog Votre Grande Soeur



I had some wonderful design posts planned for this week, but I just couldn’t do it — not right now. Not while we’re waking up each day to more innocent people losing their lives. It’s heartbreaking, it’s infuriating, it’s chaotic, it’s disorienting, it’s terrifying, and it needs to stop. We already lost so many brave men and women who fought this fight for us. Why are we still here? Why are we going backwards? ENOUGH. BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Yes, it feels ridiculous to even have to say it, because OF COURSE THEY DO, but we have to keep saying it. Loud and on repeat. Especially those of us who are white and living with an abundance of privileges we often take for granted while we’re comparing ourselves to people who have even more. Because of the color of our skin, we are born with some “privileges” that should be basic human rights for everyone. Hearing people chime in with “all lives matter” is repugnant, moronic, and disrespectful. Don’t dilute the issues at hand with your need to seem wholly inclusive. Of course all lives matter, but that’s not where we’re at when black men are losing their lives while being stopped by police for a broken headlight. Being privileged, we are also more likely to have the ear, or be closer to the ears, of the people who need to hear it most. Prejudice is learned and taught by example — babies aren’t born with it. Fear is learned and taught by example — babies aren’t born with it. Hate is learned and taught by example — babies aren’t born with it. BLACK LIVES MATTER.

The system is broken and there are broken people holding guns. People who have been taught prejudice, fear, and hate. If the police officers who shot Philando Castile and Alton Sterling felt justified in killing these two innocent black men, you can be certain that they aren’t the only broken people in their department and precinct and state who need to be educated and, most likely, shouldn’t be in law enforcement in the first place. If every single police station in every single city and small town in our country isn’t working on retraining, rethinking, and showing a no tolerance solidarity towards racism and all prejudice — we’re still going to have these senseless deaths of beautiful men and women just trying to live their lives. Those officers need to be held accountable and so do their chiefs. How are the Minneapolis police going to justify what they did to the faces of the 500+ children that loved Philando Castile at the school where he worked?? Their actions have a ripple effect and these little babes are victims of their actions. BLACK LIVES MATTER.

In the wake of the shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, the police officers and civilians in Dallas, the primarily LGBTQ and hispanic deaths in Orlando, and all the rest of lives lost to prejudice, hate, and fear, it can be difficult to know what to do. How to help. Where to look. How to make it stop. I honestly don’t know the answers to these questions and would love to hear from black community leaders and families affected by these horrific murders about how they think we can all come together and what role they would like people to take. Until then, we have to keep talking about it, keep questioning, keep pushing, keep watching, and keep holding people accountable. We also need to look out for our neighbors and show courtesy, kindness, and heart. We need to say NO to politicians who want to build walls and ride a wave of racism, hate and intolerance while moving our country backwards. They want to teach ANOTHER generation of young people to be filled with prejudice, fear, hate and intolerance — and they want to give them easy access to assault rifles. We have the privilege of saying NO to this right now. BLACK LIVES MATTER.

I love design and I love being able to offer a calm in the storm here for you and for myself. I’ll be back to posting regular content next week, but there is more I want to talk about with everything that is going on in our country and the world right now. I’d love to hear your thoughts. We all need each other to keep sane in a world that seems anything but. It’s so overwhelming and exhausting, but I know more good people than bad. It’s a time to stand up for what you believe in — even if it’s in the face of your own family where you might find the prejudice, fear and intolerance. It’s time to teach by example and loud voices. It’s time to take care of each other. BLACK LIVES MATTER.

♥ With So Much Love,

IMAGE: Coretta Scott King and daughter, Yolanda, in a car headed to the funeral for activist and civil rights leader Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in Atlanta, Georgia on April 9, 1968. Photo by Santi Visalli.


Have a wonderful weekend, friends! We will be staying home with our sweet pup who can’t handle the fireworks with our annual 4th of July pho bed-in. I’ll also be sprucing up the garden and GETTING THE HOUSE READY FOR MY IN-LAWS. They’re so kind, but I’m a nutter about getting the house looking pretty for visitors. Hopefully, I’ll get to cook up some yummy stuff with our beautiful farm shareaaannd drink all the rosé. See ya next week! xo Jen


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♥ This recipe for Cauliflower Steaks is so delicious and easy. Works for lots of veggies!

♥ How to make crystallized sugar flowers to put on cakes, sorbet, pies…


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PHOTOS: Louise Dahl Wolfe for Harper’s Bazaar, May 1946. Tijuca, Brazil.