Upper Metal Class

I love the new Upper Metal Class spring jewelry collection by Portland designer T. Ngu. Her beautiful new designs represent being open, present and embracing life as it is. T says that all of the pieces from I Am Now are purposefully designed with “no closed ends to represent the openness to embrace life as it is, to be love and to be here now. It’s seeing and not giving into thoughts sweeping you away from enjoying what you have in this very moment.” A very lovely sentiment and timely, wonderful reminder. My favorites are the presence necklace, being collar necklace, the presence cuff, the large open hoop earrings and all the earrings for that matter! It’s so nice that there are 14K gold, sterling and bronze options. More HERE.









Concept + Story: T. Ngu
Photography: Lani Trock
Model: Kota Eberhardt
Hair: Tanya Melendez
Jewelry: Upper Metal Class

Beauty Report: John Masters Organics


JOHN MASTERS ORGANICS HAIR PRODUCTS I USE: 1. rose & apricot hair milk 2. green tea & calendula leave-in conditioning mist 3. hair nourishment & defrizzer 4. bourbon vanilla + tangerine hair texturizer 5. lavender sea mist 6. evening primrose shampoo 7. citrus + neroli detangler 8. lavender + avocado intensive conditioner

After posting my last Beauty Report and featuring some of my current favorite products, I realized that I should just do a roundup of the John Masters Organics products that I use regularly. Besides a bit of Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse or Cedar Rose Hair Tonic for shine and occasional Lulu Organics Jasmine Hair Powder for reviving hair in-between washings, I use quite a few JMO potions on my mane. I’m also lucky that my sweet hairdresser, Kassandra Sommerville, started using a number of these products, too. I hope these little reviews help — I’d love to hear what haircare products you like to use!

WASH + CONDITION: As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been a fan of John Masters’ Lavender + Avocado Intensive Conditioner for a long time and over the past year I decided to give a few of his products that aren’t available in local shops a try. My hair is pretty dry, so I use the Evening Primrose Shampoo for Dry Hair first and then depending on how puffy or dry my hair feels, I reach for either Lavender + Avocado Intensive Conditioner or the lighter, Citrus + Neroli Detangler. Then I towel dry after my shower or bath — I can’t remember the last time I used a hairdryer when I wasn’t at a salon because it takes so damn long.

STYLE + TREAT: The JMO styling and conditioning treatments that I use almost daily are the Rose & Apricot Hair Milk (run a dime-sized blob of the hair milk through to the ends before brushing) and Green Tea & Calendula Leave-in Conditioning Mist (I spritz a little bit over my hair and scrunch the ends to encourage my waves), but I use a few others. I also like using the Lavender Sea Mist when my hair feels too squeaky clean or I want it a little separated and beachy. The lavender scent is so good, but be careful about using too much! I found out the hard way that if you overdo it you run the risk of salt flakes hitting your shoulders and looking like dandruff. For majorly frizzy days, I rub a little Hair Nourishment & Defrizzer between my palms and run through the ends after, literally, patting myself on the head a little. I also enjoy the dreamy Bourbon Vanilla + Tangerine Hair Texturizer. Truth be told, I only rub a teeny tiny bit between my fingertips to gently adjust my bangs between cuts. I’m not even sure I need this little jar, but IT SMELLS SOOOOO GOOOOOD. By the way, I’ve had the same hairbrush for over 10 years now — I just clean it well and take good care of it. Highly recommend the investment! ♥



Happy Friday! I hope you have some fun things planned. I’m looking forward to making a drive north to visit some good friends in town from New York and then making a slow drive home with ice cream pitstops. I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship this past week — what it means, limitations, who is there, who doesn’t show up and unbreakable bonds. I get so busy that I feel like I’m not as good of a friend to some very lovely people and I’d like to change that. Friendships are so important especially when your family support is frail or nonexistent. Anyways, hug a friend! I’m really most looking forward to that this weekend. Have a wonderful time out there! xo Jen


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I’m back on this beautiful Fiery red lipstick this week. It’s so fun to put on!

Butter Elixir? This sounds like it would smell and feel amazing.

I need this slightly cropped swing jacket. (25-30% off code SPRINGSTYLE)

The perfect coat for NW spring and summer. The pockets!!

I’d like to try these bras — they look beautiful AND comfy.

The cutest, simple little black dress for spring and summer — love the pockets.

An organic linen shirtdress? Yes, please.

A very sexy plaid dress!

A great summer wedding and party dress in all the colors. (25-30% off code SPRINGSTYLE)

Love these pretty beach coverups in both colors. (25-30% off code SPRINGSTYLE)

These PERFECT linen overalls!

This breezy top would be a total closet staple. (25-30% off code SPRINGSTYLE)

Such a flattering cut — I love these tops.

Super cute striped shorts. (25-30% off code SPRINGSTYLE)

Good butt. I’d like to try these cropped jeans. (25-30% off code SPRINGSTYLE)

Super simple slides. (25-30% off code SPRINGSTYLE)

A beautiful necklace.

This flower print would brighten someone’s day!

WRITE MORE LETTERS! I love this. Getting something written by hand feels so good.

PHOTO: Liz Gibbons as a photographer by Louise Dahl-Wolfe in San Marco Casa d’Aste, 1938.

Seaworthy Giveaway!

Ahoy! To celebrate the stunning new Seaworthy collection, we’re having a big giveaway today! One lucky person will win $150 Seaworthy shop credit to spend on anything they’d like! Marisa’s new Kiya collection is so versatile and sexy — these are my favorite designs to date! The layering possibilities with the necklaces are killing me and all the new hairpins are a dream. My faves are the Palmae hairpin, Syte mini hairpins, Ceylon necklace, Gyza necklace and Blackwood ring. Portland pals — there’s a fun launch party tonight! Details below. More HERE. GOOD LUCK, FRIENDS! ♥

UPDATE: Congratulations to Nyki Burns! She won this lovely giveaway!

1. Visit Seaworthy and tell us your shop favorites in a comment below.
2. For an extra entry, follow both @SeaworthyPDX on Instagram and @HoneyKennedy on Instagram. Then leave a comment below. If you already follow us–just let me know that, too!







PORTLAND SEAWORTHY KIYA COLLECTION LAUNCH PARTY:Thursday, April 2. 6PM to 9PM. Come celebrate the new collection with the Seaworthy ladies! Have some drinks and shop these beauties in person while in fantastic company. Seaworthy is located at 333 NE Hancock St Unit 8. MORE INFO.

SHIPPING, ETC: The winner’s shipping will be covered by Seaworthy. International entries are welcome, but the winner may be responsible for international duties and taxes.

DRAWING: This giveaway ends Tuesday, April 7, at 11PM PST. The winner will be chosen at random and I’ll update this post with the name of the winner on Friday, April 10. YAY!




Photography: Nicholas Peter Wilson
Direction + Styling: Sarah Radcliffe
Hair + Makeup: Kelly Peach
Model: Devin Fuller
Jewelry: Seaworthy

First Shelter

These beautiful quilts from First Shelter are really driving home the fact that I need to get myself to the sea ASAP. We were supposed to go to the coast a few weeks ago, but Zelda had a bad reaction to some new medication and we had to postpone. I need that sense of calm and the perspective only gazing at the ocean can offer. I’d love to have one of Christy Nelson’s stunning handmade quilts to wrap up in in-between trips to the sea — especially the Fracture Quilt and the Waves Quilt. The rainbow Burst Quilt is sweet, too! More HERE.





Images courtesy of First Shelter.