HAPPY WEEKEND! I hope you all have fun things to do and sunny days to do them in. I seem to be getting a cold, but have too much to do this weekend to succumb to this nonsense. The plan is to power through (I will be victorious!) — so, we’ll see how that goes, I guess. If you could think some happy, healthy thoughts for my sweet niece Madeline — I’d really appreciate it. She lives in Minneapolis and is having a lot of dire health complications (heart and lungs). It’s hard to not be there right now and she needs all the good energy she can get. Thank you! xoxo Jen


♥ One of every single thing, please. SERIOUSLY.

♥ Especially this. And this. And this.

♥ SO CUTE. Love this linen jumpsuit.

♥ This dreamy cotton gingham dress would be perfect for summer parties.

♥ I love this simple white cotton eyelet dress — just add a picnic. (30% off: BIGSALE)

♥ Very into this versatile silk black on black dress. Such a good deal!

♥ So cuckoo for this pretty blush top and skirt. The terra-cotta and black, too!

♥ It’s ballet pink, super versatile, and has… crotch snaps. (30% off: BIGSALE)

♥ That bodysuit above would be really cute with this lovely linen gingham skirt.

♥ Well, these jeans have a lot happening, but I like them. (30% off: BIGSALE)

♥ I think these pants look perfect in every color, but love the green. (30% off: BIGSALE)

♥ WHAT THE WHAT? This cardigan-sleeveless coat-top thing is incredible.

♥ Oh, hello. These little checkered shoes are very sweet.

♥ I love that these ribbed cloggy beauties are “shrimp-colored”.

♥ I’m sure these beautiful handmade sandals make that woven leather sound that I like.

♥ Not usually my color, but I’m loving these vibrant suede ballet flats. (30% off: BIGSALE)

♥ Woah. This silver metallic swimsuit is très sexy. #cheeks

♥ Aaannnnd… monstera plant and cocktail bikini tops and bikini bottoms.

♥ Bronzed Clay and Rustic Coffee, please. Pretty matte swimsuits. (30% off: BIGSALE)

♥ These big metallic pink earrings are cheap and fun.

♥ This amazing face serum feels like a really good meal. (15% off: CELEBRATEMOM)

♥ My eyes look more awake lately because of DIAMONDS. (15% off: CELEBRATEMOM)


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PHOTO: John Rawlings, 1953.

Secrets & Things Linen

While down the linen rabbit hole a little while back, I fell for Secrets & Things made by Virginija out of her home studio in Vilnius. My favorites are the Blue Linen Holiday Robe Dress, the Linen Pants with Snaps, the Grey Linen Summer Pants, the Grey Linen Robe, the White Washed Linen Robe, and this Linen Camisole and Shorts Pajama Set. Really, all the bedding, the tablecloths, and linen napkins would be wonderful to have. Plus, those handmade home goods would make fantastic wedding gifts since that season is fast approaching and they are a very good deal. All the things, please! More HERE.















Images courtesy of Secrets & Things.

PDX Event: DWP Pop-Up at Woonwinkel


WOONWINKEL OPEN HOUSE • Weds. April 26 • 4PM to 7PM • 935 SW Washington St. •

The ladies at Woonwinkel are going all out on Wednesday with their LUSH: Design Week Portland Open House with a fun, jungle-inspired wonderland for plant lovers! Life in the Pacific NW means we’re surrounded by lush greenery and a lot of us feel inspired to surround ourselves with even more plants in our homes and with beautiful plant motifs in decor, jewelry, textiles, clothing. Two local designers are popping up from April 26 through May 14 — Natalie Joy is bringing her amazing Brass Plant Mobiles and a jungle of custom Brass Vines and Revolution Design House will have their popular Boxcar Planters en masse (including 2 custom colors for the event!). There will be a raffle during the party for one of each from the designers! Plus, rad indoor garden-inspired goods debuting during the pop-up. There will also be bubbles and snacks and great people. LUSH runs through May 14.

Plus, Woonwinkel’s colorful, dreamy Color + Clay Ceramics Pop-Up and sale will still be going strong through May 1! You’ll find the vibrant works of Brian Giniewski, Pigeon Toe, Hella Jongerius, Ashley Hardy, Mary Carroll Ceramics, and Sarah Wertzberger. A rainbow of ceramics is available for perusing and purchasing. MORE INFO.





Lovely Things #6

What the what? Yes, my friends — here is another installation of Lovely Things and it took me less than a month in-between to do one! A roundup of some things catching my eye lately. Maybe the common thread this time is luxe European 1970s mixed with luster, botanicals, and pink clouds. Find more Lovely Things roundups to ruminate over HERE.

Oooohhh… HELLO. I love these eyes of pearlite earrings.

This crinkly mango jumpsuit is super cute and so is the rest of the collection.

Still loving these cute pink striped pajamas.

A tube top and a jumpsuit had a really cute dusty mauve baby.

Love these nudie lady earrings in rose gold from a cool collaboration.

I’d very much like to have one of these chalky pink face tote bags.

I don’t know what it is, but I really like these odd colors together.

Fantastic! The mural installation of the acoustic tiles in this boardroom are amazing.

This gem table is a total stunner — as is the whole collection.

I really love this setting moon print — it reminds me of 70s stretched canvas art, but gilded!

I just got myself this cute marbled pink clouds travel mug. Love it!

BRB — going to go to New York to sing love songs to this beautiful, nectar-hued sofa.

My heart is doing flips and twirls over the beautiful 1920s photos in this book.

This Georgia-based artist has so many pretty art prints in her shop.

This DIY for vine wall hangings is pretty cute. It’d be nice in almost any room.

I regret not buying this painting. Took a snooze and lost it!

I love this painting by artist Einar Jolin. She looks like Winona Ryder and Vivien Leigh!

Gotta get my nose on this perfume pronto. Bergamot, rose, and salt water!

One of each of these solid brass geometric incense holders, please.

I’m feeling these white pepper and salt mills. French classics!

Did I just fall in love with copper bundt pans?? Yep. These are special.

I adore this image from the book In Bloom by Ngoc Minh Ngo.

Don’t you just want to run towards these botanical garden doors? Photo by Samuel Zeller.

Une Heures

I’m loving the sweet designs and French New Wave cinema vibes from Une Heures by Chrissy Leavell. Besides directly hitting on some of my favorite 1960s film stars and singers, the Une Heures silky knits also hit home with that feeling you get when you find a classic vintage piece that is leaps and bounds above how current clothing is made. They feel like such a treasure because you know it is unlikely that you will ever be so lucky as to find the same piece again and you know wearing it every day will just hasten your goodbye. Often when you find late 1950s/early 1960s knits in this vein in our country they are made from polyester, so it’s lovely to see them available in luxe Italian silk. I especially like the short-sleeved crew neck and the long-sleeved mock neck. Portland peeps — Une Heures is available at Johan (632 SW Pine St)! Keep up with @une__heures on Insta. More HERE.