Lovely Things #8

Hey hey! I’ve compiled this new Lovely Things post and I’m clearly feeling pink and pastel hues, shine, special details, lounging, love, leather, and cocktails. I hope you find some things here that make you smile during another difficult week. Sending out so much love and strength to you all during this emotionally trying time. Find more LOVELY THINGS.

I adore this pink linen ruffle top and the matching pink linen culottes.

… AND this pink linen ruffle sleeve dress from a totally different designer!

I’m cuckoo for these leather circle hair ties. Every color, please!

How dreamy are these sandals!? Painted canvas. Leather. Wood. Brass. These and these, too.

YES! I LOVE these amazing nudie lady mirrored pins and matching nudie lady earrings.

Adorable. This white cotton tunic dress is so lovely for summer days and nights.

I’ve mentioned this stunning blossom-hued linen dress before — such a good shape!

STAAAHP! This sweet peanut and her linen bubble romper are the cutest.

I’ve been thinking of taking up puzzles as another way to chill out during these trying times.

This beautiful pendant light inspired by molecular biology would be so nice in our office.

I’d like to add this big checks linen tablecloth to my slowly growing table linens collection.

Oooof! So into this variegated pink coffee dripper and pink mugs.

Come to my house beautiful 1970s minimalist lunar range stoneware set.

Let’s carve our initials in a pretty breadboard — such a sweet, romantic gift!

I’d like this long linen apron in blush AND in stripes, large checks, and small checks!

Loving these little enamel cocktail pins! Manhattan and Negroni, please.

Feeling this new glassware in lilac, dusty blue luster, and gold luster.

The design of this 1930s art deco cosmetics set is a wonderful sight to behold.

I could definitely find a lot of uses for this glossy pink tray.

Let’s all get a good night’s sleep on pretty linen pillowcases

… and then spend a long summer day lingering here sipping rosé, snacking, and laughing.

Watson Kennedy

I just found some photos I’d taken a while back at Ted Kennedy Watson’s Seattle shop, Watson Kennedy. WK stocks beautiful candles, personal care items, books, ribbon, greeting cards, jewelry and a smattering of sweet vintage housewares. I like to stop by when I have the chance, even though it’s at Pike Place Market–which can be kind of lousy with tourists.

Here is my routine when I run down to the Market during a Seattle visit: Restock any necessary essential oils at Tenzing Momo, go buy ridiculous amount of Market Spice tea (original + Earl Grey), go wait in line to buy 2 AMAZING Moscow Rolls from Piroshky Piroshky (one to bring to whomever I am meeting up with later and one to eat immediately while looking at Euro fashion magazines) and then go buy a fancy something at Watson Kennedy.

Last time, I got a nice Black Tea room spray by Géodésis (best black tea room scent I’ve ever huffed!) and another striped set of Ana Candles. Here are some of the photos I snapped way back then.

all images by me, Jen McCabe (find me on Flickr!)

I love you, man.

These new engraved love notes from NY’s Dempsey & Carroll shop are so sweet. The four designs (Fox, Horseshoes, Owl & Bee) are available in sets or individually. I love the horseshoes and I also adore their wonderful nautical selection–I think it is very romantic too. ♥

If you love having pretty stationery around the house, see my post on Dempsey & Carroll’s dreamy John Derian Collection. The designs are so beautiful and the proceeds from that collection go to an amazing charity.

This company has been around since 1878–that makes me so, so happy to know.

all images courtesy of Dempsey & Carroll

John Derian Stationery

I love these gorgeous stationery designs that John Derian created for Dempsey & Carroll. Each set contains 10 cards and 10 envelopes for $60. Proceeds from the sales of these card sets benefit The Children’s Storefront, a tuition-free school in Harlem. I’d love to see these designs printed on rolls of heavy wrapping paper!

This Anchor set and F. Schumacher & Co. Chenonceau set are both amazing too. Also, if you love pretty envelopes, check out the incredibly sweet fabric lined envelopes Chelsea made for her parents’ anniversary.
Lovely designs by John Derian for Dempsey & Carroll:


1. Floral Maze 2. Maze 3. Sea Urchin 4. Red Letters 5. Red Flowers

Lucca Great Finds

When I lived in Seattle, just a few blocks away from the shop, I used to pop in to Lucca to obsessively sniff each bottle of Santa Maria Novella perfume and stock up on tins of delicious Mariage Frères tea. My friend Jeneka and I were obsessed. We had a ritual of talking excitedly for hours (and hours and hours) about our dreams for the future over big pots of the Vanilla Sencha (her favorite) or Earl Grey French Blue (my favorite) that we’d picked up at Lucca. Years later, it felt magical when we ended up together, giddy and beaming inside the rue du Bourg-Tibourg tea salon.

I was just thinking about Ballard and Lucca Great Finds and remembered that I had some photographs to share from my visit there this past June… not that any of these shots feature the aforementioned stock of French tea or bottles of handmade Florentine perfume. Never fear though, they still have the Mariage Frères and Santa Maria Novella. Nowadays I also love their very sweet selections for kiddos and their beautiful spools of fancy ribbon, washi tape and other unique supplies.

My friends Sarai and Chelsea each visited–and adored–some dreamy spots in my old stomping grounds relatively recently. You can find their elated accounts here and here… oh, and here, of course. Anyway, make sure to stop by Lucca when you are in Seattle–it is elegant, tucked away and full of treasure.

all images by me, Jen McCabe

Find more beautiful photos on the Lucca Great Finds website.